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  • hey sibil..curently i'm having problems in finding a solution with my chest. I know that probably this is a very common question and I know that genetics are playing a huge roll but what should I do to hide or solve my gap that i'm having in the middle of my chest
    another tip that i would need is at the lower pecs ( this area : ) I've started doing some Decline Db....tried some Db flyes too but it feels like i'm putting a lot of pressure on my shoulders


    • Sibil I love the videos that you have recorded of roelly..real inspiration to see that...I have plenty of width...I think that is but not enough back thickness density... I do t-bar rows close hand and smith rows underhand but still not seeing any real thickness..what else do you recommend


      • Hey Sibil / grandma,

        I want to compete in 2yrs as i am still working on my legs. Can you please have a look into my pics and let me know the areas of development in comparison with other areas.

        I am 27yrs old and weigh 164lbs (cutting with arnd 6-8% bf). i would be starting to bulk up from July till Feb '13 and aim to reach 200lbs. I am ready to do anything to compete.

        My training splits are:
        shoulder twice a week (one day concentrate more on press and other day on raises)
        triceps and biceps twice a week
        chest once a week
        back once a week
        quads and hams once a week
        forearms and calves twice a week
        rear delts thrice a week

        Below are my recent pics

        all muscular.jpgback double bis.jpglat spread.jpgside obliques.jpgside triceps.jpg

        my legs are bad.. i know that hence havent attached the picture. I am working on it.

        calories for bulking:
        protien carbs fat
        Whey 21 5 2
        oatmeal (1.5cup) 15 81 9
        Walnuts (1/4 cup) 5 4 19
        beef (100gms) 30
        Bread (2slices) 35
        Cheese (2 singles) 10
        egg whites (500ml) 56
        Potato (1medium) 5 37
        brown rice (150gms) 3 35
        chicken (200gms) 62
        Avacado (1/2fruit) 2 9 15
        brown rice (150gms) 3 35
        Steak (200gms) 54 20
        Avacado (1/2fruit) 2 9 15
        Whey 44 4 4
        Waxy/Dex/Malto 60
        Cliff bar 10 42 6
        brown rice (150gms) 3 35
        Tuna (1can) 30
        Broccoli (1cup)
        Caesin 21 6 2
        Total 377 397 91
        44% 46% 10%
        Total cal 3909
        1. Protein
        2. Nitric Oxide, Creatine, Glutamine, Arginine and Ornithine

        3. Glucosamine Sulfate
        3. Vitamins and EFAs
        4. BCAAs
        5. ZMA
        6. GABA
        7. DAA

        Thank you grandma for your help and for this forum.



        • Jai
          youre shoulders can be better(behind)
          rest from youre body
          take care that one site from youre body not growing bigger as the other one
          InShape TRAINER


          • thank you grandma... i have been hitting the rear delts thrice a week. I mainly do reverse flyes, barbell rows targeting rear delt, etc. Its very difficult for me to hit the rear delt till failure as my back starts taking the load after some time..

            I wish i could train with you...i would make you Indian food for you and Roelly if you like . Also is Roelly not competing in this years Mr. Olympia???

            thanks again grandma..


            • hello sibil
              I'm trying to put some size on my shoulders because i feel that i'm not proportioned very well due to my chest being so wide... what can you recommend photo.jpg


              • Originally posted by Natzo View Post
                Hey Sibil! Natzo here from musclemecca.

                congrats for this Q&A section that will be very helpfull for a lot of people.
                And congrats also for your amazing job with Roelly! the guy is looking even better for this year you make him grow like a weed!

                I would like your opinion on my diet, if you it's not a waste of time for you.

                here it goes:

                I'm a natural bber, 20 years old , 179 cm and 85kg. My goal is to reach 90kg till the end of the year , lean mass that is.

                my current diet:

                meal 1

                1 cup oatmeal
                protein shake 2 scoops
                yogurt (or apple)

                meal 2
                protein shake 1 scoop
                1/2 cup oatmeal ( or no sugar wheat cereal)
                1 banana

                meal 3
                beef (or fish)
                1 cup of rice
                1 orange

                pre workout : Bcaas(5 gr) + 40gr maltodextrine
                post workout : BCAAS (15gr ) + creatine + 40gr maltodextrine + 1/2 oatmeal

                meal 4

                300ml eggwhites + 2 whole eggs
                2 slices whole wheat bread

                meal 5
                veggies soup
                beef ( or fish)
                1/2 cup rice

                meal 6

                300ml milk + 1 scoop of protein

                * I take Bcass between each meal. I drink the meal 2 shake cause I'm at work and I cant have a solid meal, the same goes for the egg meal that it's replaced with 2 scoops protein +1 cup oatmeal shake when I'm in college.

                some photos of my actual condition. (where do you think I need to work more?)

                thanks and congrats once again!

                Not bad, homie. Sounds like you're on the right track, your diet seems to be spot on. You may want to train with higher volume for more mass. Read the book The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unless you already have it, your show body shows you are pretty educated so far.


                • Hi Sibil,

                  I used to train at Gold's Gym with Pauliina Talus. After some years i have decided to give working out another shot. I will be training at the YMCA where I work. I'd like a trainer, but i'm not sure I can afford it. Can you give me some idea's on what machine to use for each body part. I'd also like some food ideas. Thank you.