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Q& A with Hall of Famer, Kevin Levrone

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  • Q& A with Hall of Famer, Kevin Levrone

    Post up your questins for the All Time IFBB Pro Contest Winner of his time and IFBB Pro Hall of Famer, Kevin Levrone here: ___________!

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    REally great to have you here Kevin!


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      Hey Kev....can you give us an idea of some ways you have dieted and what you felt was best. I saw a vid of you on another site and it seemed as though you did low carb or keto diets, but HOW THE HELL DID YOU KEEP YOUR STRENGTH!? We have all seen your crazy strength a few weeks before shows so what did you do?
      Also, I believe I heard you worked with John O'Reagan, may I ask who was your favorite prep coach and why? Thanks Kev.


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        Kevin, do you have any plans on competing again? If so do you have any idea when and what show you would do?


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          Where is Kevin? haven't seen him on here.


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            ohhhhh keeevviiinnn!!
            LUCKY 13 APPAREL


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              My favorite bodybuilder. The best overall package in my eyes. Welcome to the forums!


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                welcome kevin

                i had a question for you,
                you were known for your GROWING INTO THE SHOW unlike others who did their typical bulking for 16-20 weeks and then cutting for 16 weeks, can you elaborate on your diet approach for your contest prep?
                what kind of weekly changes body weight wise did you observe during your prep.?

                would appreciate
                thank you
                Dr intensity
                Mike Arnold coaching/contest prep: [email protected]


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                  Welcome aboard Kevin!


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                    Levrone in the house. another great addition.


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                      THE LEGEND IS HERE! YEAH!

                      I always wanted to know how your trainingsplt used to be in your offseason and what excercises you prefered during your offseason?

                      Your one hell of an inspiration kev!


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                        No question, just want to say much respect & the Levrone Report is very cool


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                          in before shawn posts a friendly reminder that kevin is behind...or before ghost writer appears
                          This is a language up with I cannot put.


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                            Originally posted by Wiry Pyruvity View Post
                            in before shawn posts a friendly reminder that kevin is behind...or before ghost writer appears
                            Hey, this is Kevin and I'm not a ghost writer. Thanks to those of you who are respecting That is where I spend most of my time, split between that and running Levrone Inc., maker of Levrone Formula products. With new products coming out and all the excitement on TLR it's a challenge to check out other boards, but MD will be the exception cause all of my fellow pro athletes who I competed with are here, I'm in good company.

                            I'll try to answer some questions off the cuff....

                            John O'Reagan did help me out just before I turned pro for the Nationals. He's a good guy and I would recommend him to anyone. I never had a prep coach, so I don't have a favorite.

                            I've always stuck to a strict diet pre-contest for 12 weeks. I would eat the same thing every meal: that would be fish (6 lbs a day, flounder). Steamed vegetables (six cups, mixed frozen vegetables). Brown rice (six cups). Gallon of water a day.

                            I never did a keto diet or no carb diet pre-show. During the prep I would gain anywhere from 3-5 lbs of muscle a week. Training really, really heavy, sleeping ten hours a day, eating right, but I would have to attribute 90% of what I did to genetics. In fact, 90% of pro bodybuilding is genetics. Maybe more.

                            There's a lot of sacrifice, not quitting, visualizing, having a goal sitting in your head. So whatever genetics are, tap into it, tap into your strength, and put the hammer down guys. If you don't have my genetics, you can still carry yourself like a champion and reach your potential – that's all that matters. Don't forget to say your prayers at night, go to sleep with a clear conscience, wake up and continue the journey the next day.

                            As far as my off season, my training split was the same that is was pre-contest. Pushing movements day one (chest/shoulder/tris), day two, quads, day three, back, bis and hamstrings. Abs and calves every time I was in the gym. Day four was a rest, and I started it all again on day five, and so on. Train very heavy during off season.

                            So let's say I just finished the Arnold. I wouldn't do anything between now and June. I would cut the calories in half, eat three times a day and lose 40 lbs of muscle. Then in June, I'd start training and gaining 3-5 lbs of muscle a week and train heavy all the way up until Mr. Olympia.

                            I appreciate all the support and thank you for showing me some love here in the MD house.

                            Kevin Levrone
                            Kevin Levrone
                            IFBB Pro Hall Of Fame
                            Founder & CEO, Levrone Formula


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                              Hey Kevin,

                              I've been a casual fan of yours and the Levrone Report for close to a year and was wondering, aside from genetics, what you attributed to your huge cannonball delts. Heavy military presses and front/lateral raises? Rep ranges? Seated/standing?

                              Any help would be greatly appreciated!