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Q & A with IFBB Pro Men's Athlete Rep, Bob Cicherillo!

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    Originally posted by JohnSmeton View Post

    what advice would you give for myself who would like to give bodybuilding a shot? Ive done a natural show and now Im doing my first NPc show, hub city fitness in jackson, Tn May 26, and I use over the counter hormonals only because even though I disagree with us laws I have respect for them. I am educated and if I could legally I would do one or two cycles a year while competing. what would you say to someone who really wants to take his physque to the next level but his only option due to his personal values is to do it legally?

    sincerely, John

    Values are to be respected..give yourself a chance to compete against those at your own are plentyof natural shows, and plenty hat aren't that you could still beat some people IF you're good enough. I trained from 13-21 natural and won plenty of titles.


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      Originally posted by Muhammad Anas View Post
      I have a question about some muscle imbalance. May I get some help?
      Sure...ask away


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        You ever speak to Tom Prince?

        And why do the bikini girls get the title "Olympia" and the 202/212 have a "Showdown"?
        2016 NBA Champs...Cleveland Cavs


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          Bob, where do you stand on empty stomach cardio after waking? Seems to be a hot topic (again) here lately?
          Also, loving the Last Rep "Reality Check." Keep it coming.


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            Hey Bob, I always liked your Road to the Olympia's and other pro interviews over at BB com. Also your War for the Worlds was great. And the training tips are cool.

            Are you going to be interviewing in that style again? Or doing any training tip videos?

            I honestly haven't seen a The Last Rep yet, I liked you on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, you and Dan were the best. Used to listen to it on the train home from the gym - the one night a week I wouldn't sleep on the way home (I had 2 hours...). But I plan to catch up on The Last Rep soon!


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              Hey Bob,

              Was great to meet you at the St. Louis Pro Bikini last month.

              "Little John"


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                Hey Chick,

                Love ya buddy! in 2013 are we gonna see a revamp of "The Last Rep?" I really enjoyed hearing you and Peter going back and forth when you were at the newsdesk!


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                  Originally posted by roughouse View Post
                  Hey Chick,

                  Love ya buddy! in 2013 are we gonna see a revamp of "The Last Rep?" I really enjoyed hearing you and Peter going back and forth when you were at the newsdesk!
                  Adina has said she wants to try an get some new episodes of The Last Rep this year.


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                    Hey Bob. Are you going to be at the Arnold, and more specifically, the Expo?


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                      Hey Bob. What up?


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                          Mr. Cicherillo,

                          After reading your article "Judging Standards" in the June 2015 edition of MD I was quite impressed. You have a keen insight for judging bodybuilding competitions. Your assessment of the '76 and '77 Olympias and the aftermath is spot on and should be studied by every fan. For me I took great satisfaction with your appraisal of Robbie Robinson. The fact that he did not win the Mr. Olympia has bothered me for some time . Have you ever thought about authoring a book on bodybuilding history? I would be the first in line.