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former athelete now morbidly obese needs advice

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  • former athelete now morbidly obese needs advice

    hey everyone ,I used to be an avid reader of flex back in the day (20 years ago ) . so I need some advice on the current supplement scene. what works to help me build muscle and loose weight . after battling with lymphedema I gained weight and now tip the scales at 400 pounds . my weight has caused nerve damage to my feet . recently started going to gym . as we all know excess body fat aromatizes testosterone to I'm a walking estrogen factory . I have all the andropause symptoms in spades . and my lady doctor doesn't take this seriously. short of ordering tamaxofien or nolvadex from canadian pharmacies ,what can I do ? , **what products are out there that will stop the conversion of my precious testosterone to estrogen. ** **what can I take to jack my test ??? ** ** Any advice on products that really work ??? ** - thanks Larry

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    Exercises. Light exercises that require you to move your affected arm or leg may encourage movement of the lymph fluid out of your limb. These exercises shouldn't be strenuous or make you tired. Instead, they should focus on gentle contraction of the muscles in your arm or leg. Your doctor or a physical therapist can teach you exercises that may help.

    Take care of your whole body. Eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily, if you can. Reduce the stress in your life that you can control. Try to get enough sleep so that you wake up refreshed each morning. Taking care of your body gives you more energy, encourages healing and helps you control your lymphedema.

    #1 Educate yourself.
    #2 Get a new doctor and have him/her advise you on diet and exercise for this condition.
    #3 Taking black market steroids is the worst possible decision you can make with this condition.
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      Thanks again for the great advice . unfortunately Im stuck w/ my doc ,its free ad I can't afford better . had hormone levels checked but I think I just barley passed the level of abnormal low... at one time my calves were 24 inches and leaking plasma , ulcers .... now I have ankles.I tell you what ,ever get a large wound use honey , that's what worked for me. I'm following your advice .


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        I thik you should try this exercise:- 5 Plank Mintues