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Winny+T3+Clen+Masteron Cycle,NEED PCT ADVICE

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  • Winny+T3+Clen+Masteron Cycle,NEED PCT ADVICE

    I completed 7 weeks of the above cycle,now i am on my 8th week.My current status is
    Age 24
    Weight 166 pounds
    Hieght 5.10''
    Body type Ecto Endo combination

    i have added my before and after pic.please check it out

    Winny 50mg everyday
    Masteron 100 mg EOD
    T3 80mg everyday
    Clen 80 mg everyday 2 weeks on/2 weeks off

    My DIET is

    VPX ZERO CARB Protein shake 5 times,20-30 egg whites,200g wheat bread,4 apples and 4 litres water (this is what i ate in my one day)
    3 day split weight training workout with 30 minutes cardio everyday

    I am aiming to maintain this weight and want to be muscular .Currently i dropped 12 pounds.Reduced waist size from 36 to 31".my current bf% 12(approx.) i want to lowr it to 9%.

    and also i want to do PCT.But dont know what to use.Please help me.After this cycle what should i need to follow?Also how long should i wait to start another cycle(cutting or bulking)?

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    This isn't the right section to post..btw..i won't discuss your weight and your useless cycle (where is the test base?).
    Pct isn't an exact science.. baseline: after last injection, use hcg for a week, then start with nolvadex and/or clomid for 4-6weeks.
    Good luck


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      ^^^ wrong section homie...

      take it to the chem section and people will help.



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        if someone could move this^^^ also yea bud start reading and reading thats how i began.. ii literally didnt make my first post on a site until 3 years in.. there is just soo much info.. On my 4th year i did my cycle after doing the proper research and having a year to talk and understand more and more about eveerything i could.. you want to be a spunge.. jumping off the empire state building w/o a parachute is suicide and thats what our doing.. Some poeple might slam you for this so try and edit out your thread if you can .... good luck on your journey... i hope u take your time