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  • Dr. Prisk.

    Back in November, I felt/heard a nasty bunch of pops in my shoulder during a set of bench press. I tried massage therapy, which calmed everything down, but ever since, I have been unable to bench more than 225# and even half that amount of weight hurts.

    Got an arhtrogram and CT Scan done on my shoulder last week and the results were a complete tear of the supraspinatus. Without an MRI (I wouldn't fit into the tube, apparently), the Dr. couldn't tell me for certain if I also tore my infraspinatus, but my strength during tests was fine.

    So, I'm getting scheduled for surgery. He mentioned that he would only expect to see a tear like this in someone my age (37) if they had been in a severe car accident or had fallen out of second-story window, such was the force/energy involved. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

    The Dr. is a shoulder specialist, but he still stressed to me that I'd probably never return to my previous size or strength and that my competitive days may be over.

    At the time of the injury, I was 292# at 5'11" and still growing. You can imagine his words chilled me, but left me undeterred. He can fix the shoulder. Let me worry about getting back on stage. Or is he correct?

    Assuming I follow his post-op instructions to the letter, I should be able to eventually train intensely again, right? Or should I take up badminton? Or competitive laundry folding..?

    Thanks in advance.



    • Hey Doc,

      All these big boys post their off-season diets and contest diets, but I compete lightweight...trying to move up to middleweight. What's your typical off-season diet look like?


      • Hello Doc!! i hope that you can help me with this, i have a knee injury, on my left knee, i took an MRI and the results was that i have one of the cross tendos damage (the anterior) as the thing that is between the two bones is damage also, i donīt know how to put it in inglish, so the doctor says that i need the operation, he did prior the diagnose a test, he put a some kind of a ruler to know how much is my leg is moving and i have very much movement below the knee now the questions are this do i need in did the operation in order to continue in this sport and doing contests in the future? and if iīm going to be ok in further time and no need of other operation? thank you for your time and i hope that can help me.


        • dr. v

          so ive heard alot about b-12 shots. do they work?...not work?...and what about dosages and how long you can take it ?...whats your opinion?


          • when are we gonna see some more training videos??? love to hear your opinion on dieting, training and contest dieting.


            • hey dr prisk,i was wandering what you thought of inversion tables and if they would help me with my 2 herniated discs in my lower back?and maybe help them go back in?


              • Hey
                I was wondering when are you competing next?
                "Go Big Or Go Home"


                • Hey Dr. Prisk... I'm 19 and have an injury that has been effecting my lifting for a few months now.. Anytime I do any pressing movements, and more so when I train triceps, I get a lot of pain in my right elbow(dominant arm)...My left tricep has compensated and takes most of the workload, making it visibly more developed and obviously stronger.. at first, it was just cracking, but now it is cracking and there is pain.. but it's not enough pain to keep me from my pressing movements.. I barely notice it then... but if i do dips or anything directly for triceps, I'm in pain... is there anything you can suggest or diagnose it from what I told you? Also, if there are any exercises to do, or to stay away from


                  • Can a doctor put your gear use in your &quot;FILE&quot; even if asked NOT TO????

                    I get my health insurance through my job which is pretty decent. I never used their doctors because i had a family friend i use to go to for basic checkups and he was very reasonable. He is now retired and i have no choice but to go to the ones that the insurance covers.

                    I thought patients have doc/patient confidentiality so if they ask me why my blood pressure is up i can say its because of the clenbuterol or anadrol im taking or whatever but i wonder if this can cause any problems with the insurance company dropping me or denying coverage if the doctor puts this in my "file".

                    Some people say you can TRY talking to the doctor "Off the record" but he is risking his license if he does NOT put that info in your "file" so to speak because the insurance companies want to know everything (like why you had too many MRIs or blood tests done or whatnot).

                    What can a responsible person do to reduce his risk of health problems while making sure he doesnt lose his life/health insurance???? Dont the doctor you are juicing unless you absolutely have to?


                    • Hey Doc,

                      First I've had several surgeries and am all perfect now by a doc you may know...Dr. Wickiewicz! Great doc.

                      What's your training split? I was doing one body part a week but am returning to old school twice a week. I saw better results and it seems the pendulum is swinging back that way.

                      Steroids - do you use and which ones?



                      • Dr. Prisk,

                        I was curious about EPO's effect on the blood namely hamoglobin, iron and Red blood cell count? Would you recommend taking any suppliments like Iron and the apox dosage during the intake of EPO. Appreciate your collum and work over the years- very informative and immpressive!


                        • Doc, was doing stiff leg dead lifts about three weeks ago and suffered a lower back strain. Left me unable to walk for about 5 days with major pain ... second week walking and pain reducing each day about 3%. Week 3 very little pain, say a 1. This is week four and I have mostly stiffness and some pain if I stand or sit to long...

                          I got an MRI by order of my chiropractor on Thursday 8/18/11. Here are the results:

                          L1 to L5 no disc herniation...

                          At L5/S1, there is a circumferential disc bulge with superimposed broad central disc protrusion which mildly indents the ventral thecal sac without significant spinal canal stenosis. There is mild facet arthropathy present bilaterally. There is no significant neural forminal stenosis.

                          L5/S1 disc bulge with superimposed broad central disc protrusion which mildly indents the ventral thecal sac. There is no evidence for abutment or displacement of the S1 nerve root.

                          I have the images on a cd-rom if you want to look at them (27MB zip file)....

                          I was wondering what your thoughts were and any advice and/or recommendation you can give me. I know I need to see a back doc locally, was not sure what kind of doc to call for this and what kind of treatments they recommend.

                          My biggest concern is knowing what I can not and should not do in the gym. Ive avoided the obvious ones like squats and deadlifts...

                          Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated..

                          Jim Paulus


                          • Dr. Prisk, in your latest article you mentioned supplements that contained N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine. Can you name exactly what supplements you were referring to?