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  • William. My wife is pregnant. I'm very concerned about running test and deca while she is pregnant. Mainly because I have gyno and need arimidex, and worried some of this chemo agent is excreted in the semen and can affect the unborn baby. Should I be concerned?


    • William I have two questions here that came up..1. March dbol blue hearts vs Body research blue hearts? Lot of mixed stuff around the Internet...?

      2. Your last edition of anabolics (10th) is sort of out old date in sense of availibillty trends, have you heard of Peso Pesado Boldenone 200mg/ml? Im guessing it's a Mexican veterinary product , but wondering if it's real ? Since most are in 25mg and 50mg preparations ?


      • Which testosterone has least likelihood of causeing hormonal imbalances and which would have most likelihood ( suspension, single ester, blends, long or short)?

        I mostly in my experiences ever used sustanon and test E and prop. I feel like the sustanon gave me more libido and more frequent erection and volume of sperm.

        Could it be that because the sustanon esters cleave off faster thus causing natural production to begin faster vs say Test E or C ?Then again sustanon has a longer acting ester in it than test E or C right? Maybe it's in such low concentration via the weight of the ester it is even lower so not causing any noticeable supressiveness?
        I used test E two times and both , one being recent even a low 250mg dose ( which would still equate to what, about over 200mg of test without the ester weight? ).
        I feel like sex drive is down it seems until after the 5 day mark when it cleaves off,is this telling me something about test?

        I listend to people on the Internet no say "test is king" and you need it for normal sexual function and they say "test is test" but like I said I feel like sex drive is down on test E. for a while I thought all I needed was test but I don't think I like it anymore maybe I been on it for to long also?

        Would Boldenone do better job at keeping sex drive or the same ? Or worse? It may also depend on the individual ?

        But if you could please let me know about the test esters possibly giving one more or less sex drive do to the amount of time they are in the body that'd be great, maybe I'd be better off with her doses eq and very very very low test like 50-100mg Iv taken up to 1500mg of test and honestly it's not that great of a muscle builder in my you agree also?


        • Originally posted by w_llewellyn View Post
          To those posting in this thread, just a heads-up that given the constraints of a business in growth mode, new projects and a baby at home I haven't been posting on the web much. I will try to get back to it soon. Until then, I will be referencing this thread for questions to review in MD. Don't feel they are ignored just if I don't respond here. I might just use your question for the magazine.
          William if you could please still answer them on here because it seems most the stores that used to carry MD around me I cannot find MD magazine anywhere and this would be more convenient .

          Thank you


          • hello mr Llewellyn
            can you provide some info on 1-testosterone?
            effectivenes,toxicity,dosages sides etc..?


            • Hello Mr.Llewellyn: Can you tell me how often to take my Anabol? I take 40mg daily. Should I spread this out through the day or just in morning or what do you suggest?
              Thanks, Larry.


              • Hello,

                what is the best brand liver protector? Liv52 by himalaya has been shown to help very well , correct? and is himalaya liver care the same as liv 52, not a spinoff company or brand ?


                • Gender is Male

                  I have a qusetion. I purchased Test C over the internet from Ukraine and believe it is real. I'm going to a Dr. who will prescribe only 200ml a week I am taking 400 a week right now at 54 years old and am taking anti-estrogen. At this dosage do I have to cycle the dose or continue 400 and maybe go up to 500 or 600 as long as I continue the anti-estrogen. I have a 2 year plan to compete in B.B. contest. I want to add Deca to stack because my joints are very painful. Is there a better injectable as powerful with limited side effects to help lubricate my joints. Also, would like to incorporate small 8 week dosage of D-bol What's your expert opinion? Thank You TerryRaider. I am her husband just show you don't think i'm crazy!!!
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                  • How often can I inject in my hips with 22 gauge 1 inch needles without causing scar tissue to build up?


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