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  • Bev Francis Powerhouse gym

    One of Photoshoots
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    • My work for tv show Power season 6


      With my friends Joseph Sikora (Tommy ) and Mike Dupot (Jason my serbian boss)


      • After 5 years working with tv show Power i signed with them
        My first year was working in tv show season 2 i started as a background serbian gangster but after few days workibg on set i began friends with director and leads of the show
        Like Tommy and Ghost
        One of the seens Gost (Omarihardwick told crew that he needs to have me on set all the time that he feels more comfortable with his character
        Production crew never heard before that lead needs backgrounds actor with him
        It was awesome
        And every season they moved me more close to leads
        Finally i reached season 6
        And i every one know no one servive at this show even 50 cent
        One season 6 episode 2 my friend Joseph Sikora (Tommy)
        Said on the set that Eugene only one who servive all those season and him and Ghost
        I also had opportunity to work with Curtis Jackson 50 cents
        He is very cool and funny
        He is tall luke me about 6'3 and build about 240 lbs

        On the set with my friends Joseph Sikora (Tommy) and Mike Deput (Jason my boss)

        The final
        After i am finished filming
        Crew stopped in the middle of filming and made big announcement that Eugene is special man working with Production from beginning and they are very happy to have me on the set
        It was very strong to hear from Hollywood production
        I always believe in my goals no matter what
        If anyone remember i came here as a tourist in 2003 to compete at the Night of Champions and i just stayed in NYC to reach my goals
        I had no money, no English, no any documents that i can stay here or any friends
        Sometimes i slept at the park and people fed me
        But if you are really want something
        You will always get

        Power premier in August 20 at the Madison Square garden
        50 cent is running


        • Originally posted by Eugene Mishin View Post
          Congratulations on making things happen for you.. Goes to show that goals and dreams can be made they can happen if you put your mind to it


          • Looks awesome. Thanx.


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                    No longer required

                    Awesome!! Congrats on all of your great success!
                    Webmaster, MD

                  • Originally posted by Eugene Mishin View Post
                    One of Photoshoots
                    Good muscle size and strength. Future Mr Olympia