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Q and A with Seth Roberts (Author of ANABOLIC PHARMACOLOGY)

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  • Hey Seth,
    I was wondering if i could get ur best advice an thoughts on this...
    22yrs old just competed at 176 wanna compete at 198 next yr so need to put on 20+ lean lbs. My body is in the middle of endo and meso, put on fat fast with higher carbs. So my questions r what you think of this next bulk and what shud i switch to if i need to run longer then 12 weeks? wut do u recommend for pct and arim dose since i get gyno easy as well??! plus how much carbs and fats do u recommend if u have experience in that department as well?! thx for your time and help!

    600w test cyp 1-12 weeks
    600w eq 1-12
    400w tren e 1-12
    dbol 25mg-50mg 4 weeks on 4 off 4 on?

    hcg 500w 1-12

    nov 40/40/20/20/20
    clomid 100/100/50/50?
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