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Q and A with the "PRO MAKER" George Farah

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    What type of carbs do you have your clients use? i.e. brown rice, yams, oatmeal
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      bjo12, I can't tell you what type of split to do without seeing your body structure and what muscles you will need to improve more then the others.

      bigmikecox, I use all kind of carbs including white rice, sugar and bread. Certain types to certain times.


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        george what kind of ratio of marco's do you use pre contest and do you feel 1 grm of protein per lbm is enough


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          hey george,
          whats your take on ballistic short range movements..... do you think ballistic short range movements should/ could allow you to use more wts there by allowing more hypertrophy

          i have seen pros like Branch Warren and even Ronnie Coleman in some cases they do ballistic movements......such as on the incline bench......they come down hit their chest and only go up half way sometimes before coming down to their chest again......

          wud really appreciate
          thank you
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            How does one obtain striated glutes? aside from the obvious dieting and hard training precontest but off season should one be doing say HEAVY deadlifts and squats in order to build bigger/fuller muscles in order to have something to actually striate precontest or is that genetic?
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              hi George

              how would you treat an endomorph clients that needs to drop fat


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                Cardio Schedule Question for Early a.m. Workouts

                Hey George,

                I wake at 3-3:30 a.m. Prepare for my work day. Leave the house by 3:45a.m. for a 40 minute drive to the Powerhouse where I work out at. On the drive to, I consume a protein shake with 75 grams of proteins and 1 cup of oatmeal. My workouts start at around 4:30ish a.m.

                The Question:
                I am putting together my contest dieting strategy and would like to know where you would you put the #1 and #2 cardio sessions per day. I am assuming I will utilize two cardio sessions, one cardio session being prior to bed. But I am at odds with the other session being first thing when I wake up due to my early morning workout schedule. I don't want to compromise my workouts, however you may feel the cardio prior to the workout will not affect the workout itself. If this is the case, I may only have to alter my pre-workout meal... and if so... to what type of intake?

                Changing my workout time is not an option at this time.

                Thanks and please advise,

                p.s. GREAT JOB WITH BRANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  tornquad2, I start with 60% carbs, 30% protein and 10% fat. But things could change very quick for certain people, it will all depends.

                  dr intensity, Ballistic movements are a great addition to your workout to break the barrier, but I will not suggest them to any beginners and it should only be done while on a balanced diet with a plenty of rest otherwise you will be looking for trouble.

                  itrain2, striated gluts come from dieting and of course some genetics plays big parts. In order to have striated gluts, you will need to be at your lowest fat percentage that the person could achieve or at least that what always worked for me. Your workouts can also play a significant part of that look . Make sure to squat and lunge deep in the off season so you will have the muscles in that area to be able to have that look.

                  nicos, when it comes to losing fat it don't matter what type of body you have, you still need to see what works for you best and go from there. I never have any problems getting any endomorph in shape just like any one else but of course with a little more hard work and carbs manipulations.

                  jackthedestroyer, the reason why many people like to do their cardio first thing in the morning, because when you wake up from a long night of sleep you will naturally be in the state of glycogen deficiency, so your body will be forced to use fat for energy to support your cardio sessions. The best second time to achieve the same results is to do your cardio following an intense workout sessions because at that time you have already used most of the glycogen that you have received from that cup of oatmeal that you had before working out and here once again your body will be forced to use your fat for energy. good luck with your show.


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                    Hi George,
                    First of all, great job with Branch. I have a question concerning cardion and carbs. (going trend of late) All of your clients claim you have them on ridiculously high carbs and short duration cardio, which is cool, but lets face it their not normal and have certain "advantages"!!! What would you say to a person not using certain enhancements and that has a very easy time retaining fat. Thanks.


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                      Cardio Question Follow-Up


                      Thanks for the reply,

                      My main reason the question is that I do want to tap into the optimum time for fat burning (first thing a.m.) without disrupting the quality of my workout (about an hour later). Some/most Pros have several hours in between the first cardio session and their workout to build up some glycogen. I have always liked training first thing before anyone is awake to screw up my day!

                      So going with cardio first thing, would you change anything in the first meal, or keep it powder and oats? Protein/carb amounts as a first meal/preworkout meal? The only other thing I do is take a caffeine tablet when I get up and one more when I arrive at the gym. I have about a month to get a couple extra quality pounds before the diet begins.

                      At 38 years old I donít have time to get it wrong!

                      Thanks again,


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                        Hey George, it was great meeting you at the Olympia. Very personable and approachable, more pros should be like you, it gives the sport a great image.

                        Quick question for you, i was just reading your new column and you were saying that for this 200 pound man, the ratio given was 50/30/20. but then when you put the actual numbers down it was 500 grams of carbs, 300 grams of protein and 89 grams of fat.I dont know if i misunderstood or it was a misprint. how is 89 grams of fat 20%....? Another thing was for the added protein during the diet you said you were adding 12-18 grams of protein and then the grams went from like 400 to 450 in two weeks.

                        Sorry for all this, if its just me being confused. thanks!
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                          This may seem a little off topic from all these training questions, but my boyfriend is an aspiring bodybuilder, he trains 4 nights a week and is improving everyday. I would like to know, from your perspective, how i can help him out and be supportive because i'm new to this scene. Good luck with the future. Cheers. xo
                          I Andrew.


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                            Emotionally is the best way to support him. If he is stable emotionally bodybuilding is alot easier. Also look for all the help you can for him. like hooking him up with as many seasoned bodybuilders as you can.


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                              thanx from INDIA

                              THANX A TON FOR EVERYTHING GEORGE


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                                Do you think body builders should eat every two, three hours??

                                I have kind of low appetite, so what do you think?

                                Also, my arms are lagging behind, so do you recomaned to train them on there own day?