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  • Hi Layne I was just thinking about rep-structure and adding weight to my lifts
    1. First, which rep-structure would you choose/advise me for hypertrophy ??
    for example :
    1.-straight set ?? (same weight for all sets - maybe like 12-6 - once I get 12 on my 1st set I will increase the weight)
    2.-reverse pyramid ?? (drop weight every set, start from lower reps to higher - maybe like 5-8 for 1st set, drop weight then 8-10 for second, drop and then 10-12 for last - once I get the higher number of the set I will increase weight for that set)
    3.-reverse straight pyramid ( do heavy first 3 sets with reps 6-10 with same weight, then drop a little and do 8-12 for another 2-3 sets.. increase weight when I reach 10 on my very 1st set)
    so far, for hypertrophy I was using 3rd, and weight is going slowly up every workout I try to hit higher rep for my set.

    2. Second -
    but what about power days ?? which structure do you use? I know that I should aim for 5x 3-5. but how do I increase weight here ? should I use straight rep structure (same weight every set and when I can do all sets with 5 reps then I will increase weight)?


    • Hi Layne,
      I want to use DAA - do I need to combine it with Triazole? (Or anything else for that matter?
      Also are you available for private coaching?


      • Hi guys, is this Q &A active? Could we contact Layne for replies?
        Thank you


        • Hey guys! This thread is very interesting. I have briefly looked through some pages and see a lot of useful information. I need to take time and read everything from the beginning to the end. Such forums contain a lot of valuable advice. I am from and I like opinions from real people. I find feedback from real users very helpful and informative.
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