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Baby Born Without a Face

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    parents have huge heart to still keep her.


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      Originally posted by ForemanRules View Post
      More proof men are smarter than women.

      what a fucking idiot.
      Question. What kind of bear is best?


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        and the feminists say we are savages.


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          damn that makes me so thankful my daughters are healthy


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            OMG that's horrible. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to that wonderful little girl and her family.
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              Originally posted by villan View Post
              when u see an add for the next supermodel with some bimbo crying because she has sunburn, then u see this , it makes u want to kill

              Definitely puts things in perspective. I think Ive seen a follow up video of her where shes had some work done and while she will never look "normal" she looks a little better.


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                that is sad.


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                  your babies a witch...


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                    Originally posted by DT5 View Post
                    i hate to say this, but i would rather have my kid check out when born, then to have them grow up like that. in this world, your life would be filled with more pain than anything else.
                    it's easy to say that and I understand when people say that. My son was not supposed to survive but when he did it was a wonderful experience for the most part, it was very hard on everyone in my family but taking care of him and showing my kids how to treat someone like him with dignity and respect was awsome, it was painful but he was an's very hard to describe but once you are in the situation it totally changes your perspective on alot of things.

                    my computer was having a hard time playing it for whatever reason. did they say anything about if her brain function was impaired?

                    her brian function is fine...


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                      YOUR AN EVIL JIGGA MONSTER

                      Originally posted by Vince Goodrum View Post
                      No big deal. Some cosmetic surgury and she'll be fine