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What would I change about the Mr. Olympia weekend? | Ask Ron Ep. 56

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    Originally posted by Sandpig View Post
    Maybe suggest moving it to October?

    If I remember correctly it used to be.
    It was always late September or early October. I think once they settled on Vegas as the permanent location, they wanted to have a consistent time of year too.
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      I looked it up
      The first two years in Vegas it was the third weekend in October
      2001 it was the last weekend.

      I knew there was a year when it was the last weekend because I had to skip a trip with some friends that year


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        Change the trophy. Instead of a Sandow make it a....... WEIDER! Think about it. Joe Weider created this contest and the IFBB. Weider arguably did the most to promote and advance bodybuilding, supplements, training, fitness, health (he lived to be 93), and more. He certainly paved the way for the fitness and supplementation economy in place today. Any other arguments for or against this change?