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Kali muscle pulls a knife on a guy at golds for accidentally walking in shot

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    Originally posted by Howard View Post

    I'm sure he's got followers on social media who approve of his actions .
    Kali has some natural charisma and would appear heroic to those who admire renegades.

    This is human nature and why some people admired gangsters like John Dillinger or Al Capone in the 1920's and 30's.
    Tbh I admire Kali because his hard work and dedication


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      Originally posted by Howard View Post
      I'm going to get that book " This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession: Levitin, Daniel J.: 9780452288522: Books Thanks!

      Back in my (much) younger meathead power lifting days, I used various rock music to get me psyched.
      I'm a lot more into: techno , jazz , classic and even disco to normally work out. But I needed hard driving rock to go crazy and "max out" LOL.

      One of my early ultra hardcore , power gyms was a former ammo storage building with a thick metal door, cement block frame and bars on the 3 small windows.
      The best power lifters in the area trained there and we all used an 8 track player with various hard rock tapes.
      The owner drove a classic 50's era restored Chevy with a 12 gauge shot gun , secured in the trunk with extra boxes of shells .
      He was pretty short and competed in the 148 or 165 lb class and could deadlift more then most bigger lifters.

      I got a new max by 10 lbs on the bench , the 1st time I trained there. 100% serious.
      I was still in HS and it was a real honor to be a member and train with these guys.
      NOBODY was seen doing less then a full squat or bounced the bench bar off their chest.

      We eventually got a real arm wrestling table in the corner as many of us competed in that.
      Bodybuilding was a big part of it, BUT you better compete in some strength or power sport too.

      I'm sure plenty of 'em used some 'roids that trained in that wonderful dungeon.
      BUT, I never saw anyone bringing it into that gym and NOBODY ever tried to sell me any .
      I asked the gym owner about using juice ONCE and he quickly replied ;
      " Once you bench 100 lbs over your wt , you can start." LOL, I got his point and waited.

      I came to visit and workout when home on leave during my time in the USMC.
      The first yr was a wonderful reunion , but it closed for good soon after.
      I don't know what happened , but I sure missed the place.

      The main focus was heavy lifting with basic wts using strict , proper form.
      TRAINING to build a bigger and stronger body was the end all/be all.

      I can tell you, that the right atmosphere with proper music can greatly enhance your lifting.

      Sounds like a great place, and a great memory, Howard. But an 8-track player? Lol. I'm only 41, brother, so now you're stretching things even for ME!


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        Originally posted by lifepulse View Post

        Sounds like a great place, and a great memory, Howard. But an 8-track player? Lol. I'm only 41, brother, so now you're stretching things even for ME!
        I worked out in this epic power gym 1976- 79. ( ( *I'm 62 )
        An 8 track was the high tech portable sound system of that era
        I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED