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Here’s what I’m hoping for...

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    Originally posted by Sandpig View Post

    I'm surviving. No change as far as getting it into remission. We have changed my drug protocol.
    We are all surviving. I wish you nothing but the best. Keep fighting! What goes up, must come down.

    It can also come up even higher. Think of it as the wave of life. Cherish every second.
    Your Majesty


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      Originally posted by Bestia View Post

      Thought I might be the only one feeling this but glad I'm not. Mainstream doesnt mean better, it just means more money. If that is the only goal then he is good for it.

      However there is something to be said for the core of the sport. The essence of the sport has always been to be on the fringe, the opposite of the norm, understood by few that createdcrn atmosphere of a brotherhood.

      Social media and clicks and views have already eroded this to a degree. The rock is bound to turn the sport into a game show popularity contest for the masses. Think WBF but with backing
      I agree with your basic sentiments 100%.

      The IFBB founded by Ben and Joe Weider, was BODYBUILING 1st , last and only for 'em.

      The founding mission statement was the promote bodybuilding as a world wide, stand alone sport.
      Sadly , the IFBB has evolved into anything but, a "stand alone" federation for bodybuilders.

      Of course, the argument against having "only bodybuilders" is always about $$.
      I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED


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        Originally posted by Giles View Post
        Arnold in September.

        Athleticon in October.

        Olympia in December, Orlando or Vegas.
        I was hoping to but it is not gonna happen.


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          Originally posted by nomercy View Post

          I was hoping to but it is not gonna happen.
          Ah bugger.
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