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  • IFBB Pro Joshua Lenartowicz

    It's been quite a while since last video so needless to say, FINALLY!

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    Quite a transformation, would you say?


    "My health comes first. Last year I missed the @mrolympiallc due to medical reasons, I sat in the audience and was so let down I wasn’t up there to bring my best. As soon as I got back to Australia I started prep for the 2020 arnoldsports only to realise my crainiotomy didn’t heal correctly so it needed to be redone.

    November hits and I’m in the best position for prep but health comes first so I go in for another crainiotomy which was successful, I get the all clear from my neurosurgeon to train so I do dohertysgymdandenong the next part rocked my world. I remember paramedics telling me I had a post operation seizure in the gym so I’m on my way to the hospital. I’m prescribed dexamethasone, seizure medication, pain killers, antibiotics etc. Within weeks side effects from these medications transformed my body into the first photo taken January 1st 2020...I’m not proud and didn’t want to post it but what’s more important is the people this will inspire and that lives more in alignment with who I am. After weekly appointments with my neuro team I’m given the all clear to compete which brings me to my second photo which was 28 days later and 45 pounds lighter, I suffered and struggled my way there, am I sitting at home make me pulling out of the Arnold’s change anything for the I inspire my son and many others along the way by not quitting....yes, so no matter the pain I was all in. With coming off some of the medications and results coming faster I teamed up with Patrick Tuor as team work makes the dream work which brings me to my third photo taken 28 days later, I know the best is to come and better days are ahead. I leave for Ohio on Monday and as my first year being sponsored by @blackskullusa it would have been very easy for them to drop me as an athlete, instead they have stood with me through this, just like dohertysgym have since 2015 and now @iron_tanks

    With having my son William last year I’m more obligated to be a better version of myself and I want the thank everyone that has given me strength, encouragement or distraction from the pain specifically my wife, family and friends."


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      Looks like he is no longer going to compete.
      From his IG:

      "When am I competing next?

      Photo on the left was taken at flex_lewis gym @the_dragons_lair where I was thankful to the help of flex and DallasMcCarver in the last week before @tgflex 2017 Tampa pro and the photo on the right was taken at Ben Pakulski @bpakfitness gym in Tampa, I have met some great people in my career. For me bodybuilding has always been to reach a personal best and if the judges say I’m the winner on the day I’m extremely grateful but winning has never been the goal, the personal improvement has been the goal and winning in a byproduct of that improvement.

      I was in a really great place in bodybuilding from 2015-2017 and if I compare my stage photos from 2019-2020 against 2015-2017 I know that I’m regressing, I know the hardships I have faced have contributed to this but when I’m not improving i’m not enjoying the process or passionate about bodybuilding and life’s too short to spend on something you’re not in love with so I have made the decision to not compete again until I can prove to myself that I’m my personal best or unfortunately I will never be competing again."


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        Yes, I read this post onhis IG, it is a logical statement, I just hope you find a way to make improvements. Maybe he shouldn't have competed at the Arnold