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Sibil Peeters: The Trainer from Hell

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  • Sibil Peeters: The Trainer from Hell

    They say, behind every good man, there is a good woman. In the case of Roelly Winklaar, that good woman is Sibil Peeters.

    When Dutchman Roelly went from Arnold Amateur winner in 2009, to Olympia-qualified athlete in 2010, no one expected his guru to be a mother, much less a grandmother.

    Sibil is known by two things to the people she trains: Oma, meaning a person you trust and love, and The Trainer from Hell; and she is proud of both monikers.

    Sibil has the ability to bring out the best in her athletes, and is inwardly pleased when her workouts leave them in a crumpled heap on the floor.

    But she does have a softer side. Ask her about her grandson, and she will tell you, “He means everything to me - more than the bodybuilding. For him, I leave everything falling.”

    Read on to find out more about Sibil, the Trainer from Hell.

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    AZ: By your avatar, I take it that you have competed in the past. Tell me a little bit about your competition history.

    SP: I won my first competition, which was in 1990. It was the Houtrust Halle in Den Haag. I was thirty-seven years old.

    Next, I competed in the Dutch Championship. For four years, I received second and third place. I also competed in Belgium, receiving the same placings.

    Then, at the World Championships, I took fifth place.

    AZ: Most of the guys call you Oma, the Dutch word for grandmother. How did that come about, and do you like being called that?

    SP: Oma is ŗ person you trust and love. Of course, I like being called that!

    AZ: Letís talk about Roelly for a minute. Do you remember when you first met him? Did you see something special in him right away, or was it a pleasant surprise when you saw his physique taking shape?

    SP: I saw Roelly in several competitions, but hŤ was never ripped.

    I was thinking that guy needs someone to kick his ass,

    HŤ was thinking I need that old woman to bring me so far!

    AZ: Giles Thomas came to visit you and said he got the Royal Treatment. Iíve seen the video of the shoulder workout he referred to as brutal. Then I read about how he started to do legs with you, but ended up sitting outside where someone came along and said thatís exactly where he ended up after his first leg day with you! Have you always been this tough?

    SP: I have trained in martial arts from the age of four. There was no place for crybabies!

    Also, I was one of eleven children growing up. I had to fight just my place in the family!

    AZ: Did you start our training the guys this way, or you came into it over time? I take it you think this is the best method.

    SP: Because my boys and girls have won so many times, I do think itís the best way to train.

    Train hard. Eat enough. Sleep well.

    Train harder. Eat more. Sleep better.

    Every training session needs to be at least as good as the one before it. This has always given me the best possible results.

    AZ: Iíve read various places that you are very proactive in your gym with all the guys, not just Roelly. You go from person to person helping them all. You obviously have a great deal of passion for what you do. Where did this passion come from?

    SP: The passion comes from my love for the sport.

    It is my goal to bring out the best in every athlete.

    By hard work and dedication we will set a new standard for training.

    AZ: You are a coach in the truest since of the word. I hear that you donít watch over just the diet or just the training. You watch over it all. What are the benefits of having one person oversee everything, as opposed to having different people for diet, training, and supplementation?

    SP: It allows me to control the complete process, from building the foundation, all the way to the contest.

    This ensures the best result.

    AZ: What is next for you? What are you working on, and what would you like to see happen next year?

    SP: Next for me is doing what I do best: bringing out the best in my athletes and taking them to thŤ next level.

    Sibil with her daughter, Chantal

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      Hurry up...I LOVE SIBIL! ! ! She total rocks
      Originally posted by FitAdina View Post
      This will be up later this evening. It is only closed while I insert pictures.

      This spaced saved for BIO.


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        Originally posted by lil mama View Post
        Hurry up...I LOVE SIBIL! ! ! She total rocks
        Girl...there are like 30 or 40 pics! It's going to take a while!


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          Sibil and Roelly

          As Sibil says, this is the crybaby - after leg day!


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            Sibil's Grandson


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              Sibil's daughter, Chantal - competing at, and winning, her first competition


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                Chantal - Routine Pictures


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                  Roelly and Jay

                  Roelly and the ladies!

                  Roelly with a young fan!

                  Roelly and Sibil


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                    More Roelly!


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                      The next few posts will be filled with pictures of people Sibil trains.


                      Starting off we have Floortje Von Putten. This 44 year old is a World Champion and currently in prep for the Arnold Amateur.

                      Forum Member, Herr Meister, stopped by my blog and left many more pictures of Florence, including this one. Stop by my blog to see the rest!


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                        Jimmy - one of Sibil's beginners

                        Group of Sibil's competing in Classic - they won everything!
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                          In the green trucks is Roelly's brother Quincy. He won the GP in Holland, -90 and the Overall.

                          Other Contests: the Mr. Curacao, The Antias, and The ABC(Aruba) Contest.


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                            The guys from Singapore - the Open Dutch Championship. They scored well.

                            Roelly, Sibil, and Floortje Von Putten

                            Dutch Championship
                            From left to right: Jeffrey(+100kg), Quincy(-90kg younger brother of Roelly), Ibo(bbclassic), Marchell Hermans (-100kg)

                            Nathinel Veeris - class up to 85kg - in prep for the Arnold Classic
                            Contests: Mr. Curaco, The Antias, and The ABC (Aruba) Contest.

                            Jeffrey Latour -Dutch Champion
                            First place and Overall & Third Place at the GP


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                              Herman Marchell Holland GP -100kg Class Winner. Also won: the Mr. Curacao,overall; Mr Antias, overall, and the ABC (Aruba), overall. In prep for the Arnold Classic Amateurs.