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  • Originally posted by fitiron View Post
    Very, Very well said, ^^^^^^^^^^^!!

    The reason you, myself and others succeed at this, is because we do it for OURSELVES....IMO this is one of your best post yet.

    Those who fail..........Are usually doing it for someone else, or the wrong reason. When done this way, they will lack the determination, motivation and the discipline that this requires.

    Thanks for writing. I may not always post, but I am always reading!!!!!
    Every time I failed at losing weight, it was because I was doing it for someone else!

    And...I know you're here!!! And I love it when you pop in and leave me a message!

    I think my BEST post is in the October 500 word contest thread...I wrote an MD Night Before Christmas! That's the kind of writing i like best! But thanks for what you said about this made me happy!


    • Originally posted by Miss Muscle View Post
      I just got off the phone with my trainer... my show is 2 weeks away... And I was admitting that I am scared to death that I will be TOTALLY lost when my "pre-contest" diet/workouts are no longer a part of my EVERY thoughtand action.

      He tell's me it will be okay... we will set new goals.

      Then.... I stop in here, read your post and realize..... pshhh I do not need a pre-contest diet to keep me focused, I do this for ME! Not for the show.. I like how I look and feel when I leave the gym dripping with sweat.

      Yes.. winning the show is the ultimate goal but in the long run knowing I am pushing myself to be the best I can be in the gym is what really counts becsue that is what is important to me!

      You are ALWAYS RIGHT on with your post.. LOVE IT!
      I love how we match up all the time!

      For was that show. And when the show was over, and I stepped outside the studio...I still got to reap the rewards of what I had worked so hard for!

      And really, it was MORE enjoyable when it was over, because the pressure was gone!

      It's great stuff!


      • Originally posted by connstellation View Post
        Hey girl! Love the blog today! What your grandkids will be saying in the future needs some editing though. It'll be "Grandma IS hot! She was then and she is now!"
        GIRL!!! You made me laugh, dance in my seat, AND do the happy clap all at once!!!!


        • There is Progress to be Made

          So along the lines of what we were talking about yesterday, and the comment I made to Miss Muscle…

          When I appeared on The Today Show I was a little worried that it would derail my diet. That seemed to be the pinnacle for me. The endpoint. I was a little worried I would go back to my old ways when it was over.

          When I was on the phone with the producer from NBC for the first time, I was E-mailing my hot friend Kevin at the same time. I was trying to sound all fancy and tell him I would get back with him later, because I was on the phone with “my people”…he’s one of my friends I can say things like this too.

          But the second I got off that phone, I called Kevin IMMEDIATELY. He figured out my diet for the next three weeks right there over the phone.

          But while we were talking, I was thinking, when all this is over, I’m going to be let down. Again…I was thinking this was an endpoint. THE endpoint.

          But the day of the show came…and it went.

          And I waited for the sinking feeling. Only…it never came.

          Because there I was…on the streets of New York. A professional had done my hair and make-up. I was leaner than I ever had been.

          And…I’m going to have a sinking feeling???

          I JUST DON’T THINK SO!!!!

          I was going to enjoy my hard work. I was going to walk down the sidewalk like I OWNED that city. I worked hard for that moment. Only it wasn’t a moment. It was a day…that turned into a week…that never stopped…and led me to here. Right here. Right now.

          And best I can tell…it wasn’t an endpoint…because I’m still going!

          When these contests, shows, photo shoots, and competitions we work so hard for are over…it’s really just the beginning.

          It simply means you get to grab some carbs on your way out the door to your next fabulous occasion! And we all know, just a few short weeks later, we’ll be ready to do it all again.

          About a month after the show, Kevin E-mailed me my next diet. I didn’t ask him to. He just knew it was time for me to get at it again.

          Because who wants to stay where they are when there is progress to be made?

          Progress tastes better than peanut butter y’all…and by reading the threads…I know you all like that! WOO HOO!!!


          • The Little Things

            I ate lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. She actually wanted to spend some time with me and talk about weight loss. She needs to lose about 150 pounds.

            So when we went to the restaurant, I wasn’t surprised when she ordered what I did, which was Tilapia. She wanted to mimic me. To see what I did.

            We were at a restaurant that served baskets of bread. They brought one to the table, and she quickly grabbed a roll. Then she grabbed another.

            I had none. It was not a cheat day.

            The salad had croutons. I pushed them aside. She ate them.

            The food arrived, and the squash I had ordered was not fresh squash. It was a casserole. It obviously had bread crumbs, and was strangely sweet. I pushed it aside, and she ate it.

            And she thinks we ate the same lunch.

            She doesn’t understand that it’s the little things you do over time that add up…or take away.

            It’s things like...

            …pushing away the bread…

            …ignoring baskets of chips..

            …using the 20 minutes you’re waiting to pick up your kids to walk the soccer field instead of just sit there…

            …getting up early to do cardio…

            I spent a lot of time thinking that skinny people (that’s what a fat girl calls healthy people) had more time than me, they ate the same things as me, but they were blessed with something I just didn’t possess. I just knew everyone in the free western world had a better metabolism than me.

            My friend will have to make the connection. She will have to see with her eyes and connect that we didn’t eat the same thing at lunch. We ALMOST did.

            But when I looked across the table and saw my friend’s sad face as we talked about how to get her diet in check, I looked at those rolls in a different light.

            When you break it down to its simplest form…that basket is the difference between where my friend wants to be and where she is. All she has to do is push the bread away.


            • Bravo! Well written as usual! It's the littlest things that make the difference.
              SnakeBite Racing


              • Originally posted by connstellation View Post
                Bravo! Well written as usual! It's the littlest things that make the difference.
                I am LOVING that Avi!!!


                • Originally posted by FitAdina View Post
                  I am LOVING that Avi!!!
                  Thank you! That's the Las Vegas Women's Tri-Fitness Competition in July of this year, and I bought the suit from a friend. My friend Amy did my hair and make-up and I owe looking good to her!
                  SnakeBite Racing


                  • Originally posted by connstellation View Post
                    Thank you! That's the Las Vegas Women's Tri-Fitness Competition in July of this year, and I bought the suit from a friend. My friend Amy did my hair and make-up and I owe looking good to her!

                    Pish, posh.

                    I mean YOU look good!

                    Suit - from a friend. Hair by a friend.

                    Body by YOU girlfriend...and that's what looks good. WOO HOO!!!


                    • I want to E-mail "The little things" to my friend so bad but I am scared it will hurt her feelings... that is EXACTLY where she is! if she would just change the little things!!!
                      *~When in doubt....SMILE~*


                      • Originally posted by Miss Muscle View Post
                        I want to E-mail "The little things" to my friend so bad but I am scared it will hurt her feelings... that is EXACTLY where she is! if she would just change the little things!!!
                        I get EXCITED when I think I might get to talk to someone new about weight loss!

                        Here’s what I tell people….

                        Send it as a group E-mail to more than one, so she won’t think it’s just to her.


                        Tell her you have a friend who was on The Today Show and send the link…I’m telling you, that has gotten my foot in more doors to talk to people about weight loss.


                        Wait for her to mention weight loss even one time…and attack her with my E-mail. [email protected]. Tell her to put your screen name in the subject, because I get more in a day than I can answer, but I answer from my MD family first!!! And of course…I’ll get her to my FitnessRX Blog…that is strictly weight loss.

                        But get her! Send her to me! I want her!


                        • Peanut Butter

                          I’ve seen a lot of talk about peanut butter lately. So, I thought I’d weigh in on the subject.

                          There is a lot to be learned from a jar of peanut butter. I wouldn’t go so far as to say everything I needed to know I learned from peanut butter, but I did learn a few good things!

                          It’s a trigger food for me. Sure the kind I eat is wholesome. I buy the no sugar added variety. But it makes me want other things I should not have. So, even on days I could have it, I avoid it.

                          It can be healthy, if you allow it. It amazes me the people who will eat huge gobs of the sugar variety on white bread and think they have a health food in their hands. Therein lies the problem for so many. They allow themselves to think something is healthier than it in fact is.

                          I measure my peanut butter. Yes. I really get out the measuring spoons and measure it. I avoid portion distortion. I don’t lie to myself and pretend that what I’m eating is a normal size portion.

                          And I eat a variety of butters. Cashew. Almond. Peanut. I don’t keep just one.

                          So when people approach me about my diet, I tell them to go about it like I do peanut butter.

                          Avoid trigger foods.

                          Eat healthy voids.

                          Measure your portion sizes until you get it down.

                          Eat a variety of healthy foods.

                          That’s all there is to it.

                          And I learned all of that from a little jar of peanut butter.

                          And yes, I know you want some peanut butter right now. But that’s OK, because so do I. So do I!!!!


                          • Horizontal Stripes

                            You know why I live this lifestyle?

                            Because I can wear horizontal stripes.

                            I laughed when I caught my reflection at work yesterday morning. I was wearing a form-fitting, horizontal-striped turtle neck. And it was TUCKED!

                            Talk about the enemy of all obese women!!!

                            Obese women don’t tuck.

                            Don’t wear form fitting.

                            And NEVER wear horizontal stripes!

                            Because I know when I was fat, those vertical stripes and black pants made my 256 pounds look at least 10 pounds slimmer. At least, y’all. At least! Maybe even 15 pounds!

                            I remember going to parties and getting all fixed up, only to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror.

                            And it would stop me dead in my tracks every time. Because at home, I would stand and pose in the mirror. I would find just the right angle. The angle where I looked as slim as I possibly could. And I would hope and pray that I was only seen at that angle.

                            Then I would catch that reflection later…or worse yet, see pictures.

                            And I would know that you don’t walk through life with everyone peering at you through right angles.

                            So when I passed that mirror at work and caught my reflection, I laughed.

                            It’s been a long time now since I had to worry about my refection.

                            And I don’t have to worry if the clothes I wear make me look slim, because I AM slim.

                            And the hard work was worth it, just so I could catch a glimpse of my refection and say…good job, girl. Good job.

                            So if you can look at your refection today and be proud…tell yourself, Good job! And it never hurts to remind yourself that it’s worth it.


                            • A joy as always!
                              *~When in doubt....SMILE~*


                              • Ha! Body by're right! It's my own willingness to bust my own butt that got me this body, just like you, and everyone else on these boards! Another interesting fact about my avi is that it was two weeks prior to receiving my diagnosis.

                                Wonderful blogs as always!
                                SnakeBite Racing