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  • A Room Full of Temptation

    What to do when your trigger foods beg you to take just a taste

    It happens every Biggest Loser season. The contestants are led into a room full of food—just the kind of food that got them to the ranch in the first place—and asked to choose between it (gameplay) or not.

    In our lives, the stakes to not give in to temptation may be more ordinary, but more important. We just have to say "no" because it's the better thing to do. "Clean heart, clean conscience, clean pantry" should be your mantra.

    Don't even think about trying to co-exist with "the white stuff"— as Biggest Loser nutritionist Cheryl Forberg calls it—lingering in your home. That includes pasta, sugar, and white flour products—those highly processed snack and convenience foods that send your blood sugar soaring.

    Forberg is insistent that all of the contestants who go home purge their pantries of white stuff. "We want them to see how easy this can be; how well it works; and how GOOD it feels once that happens. That it becomes completely seductive to stick with it."

    If you feel the temptation to cheat coming on, do something proactive. Go for walk, read a book. But don't sit alone with those thoughts—or foods—of temptation.
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