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  • Atkins/keto diet

    hey guys, basically, Ive been doing the atkins diet for about a week now, while also doing strength training.

    bit of background: lost about 22 kg since the start of the year, just from doing interval training and cutting down on bad foods. Found that my body is a lot leaner and more muscular. Although I still have some amounts of fat on my body that im trying to get rid off. Is it worth doing atkins? Really trying to get a lean/ ripped look, but I dunno if atkins is the way to achieve it.

    current: 67 kg, height - 1.75m, BMI = 21.8,
    bf is around 10-12, (can see my abs)

    current diet:

    breakfast: 2 eggs
    lunch: chicken or Beef with salad
    afternoon meal: some more chicken, with some cheese
    dinner: beef or fish, with some salad
    protein shake

    strength training - dead lifts, squats... and all the good ones.

    Should I keep continuing atkins? Ive dropped about 2 kg since ive started. Will it help me get that lean/ ripped look or will I loose too much muscle?

    will appreciate any kind of input

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    seems to be lacking fat in the diet, but if you're already in keto state who am i to say


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      sorry, forgot to mention that I usually have a lot of cheese with the other meals too


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        Forzagen's KETO RIPS uses 7- Keto innovation, two weeks im loving it as im the leanest ive ever been