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    ***To sum up the story below; 5 yrs ago I was offered a full sponsorship by Gary White, who ended up just being another shmuck but worst of all a deceiving bastard of a person who targets teenager as young as 13; In return for a 'physique critique photo session' he would pay for food, contest prep, & supps. He screwed a lot of ppl I personally knew and is AT IT AGAIN. TO ANYONE WHO IS CONFRONTED FOR ANY REASON BY GARY WHITE JUST WALK AWAY. This is primarily more for the younger guys who may not know of some of the disgusting staulkers out there.

    Aight so here's the deal. I competed as a teen about 5 years ago and was told by numerous people in the DFW bodybuilding community i had some great potential. And then this guy named Gary White comes along when times were very very tough for my family and I and offers me this too good to be true sponsorship with his sup company rockhard formula.

    I had won teen of the week on as well as placed 2nd in a show months prior to this encountering and was flooded with emails about 'legit' sponsorships, which i'm sure many of ya'll have gotten before...empty promises of which i had absolutely no interest in even replying to lol.

    So I meet this guy Gary White at a local show and offers to take my family out to dinner to talk about a sponsorship and his company based out of lubbock, tx (known mostly for texas tech of course...and the raider rash haha). When I mean this guy had every word planned out to a 'T' I mean it...he had all these documents proving he had a company, magazines articles with him and other young successful bodybuilders talking about how he's helped them. The dude had it all planned, but no contract for me to sign (one of the many flags that went up but i was just so consumed by the idea of possibly being able to get onstage again).

    I asked some close friends of mine about him (judges, photographers) and they said it was kind of a crap shoot, they informed me he'd helped some guys but also left many in the dirt. Well, I was in desperate need of cash and figured I'd give it a shot. I got 4 months of a gym membership out of it and that was it, he flaked out never picked up his phone, replied to email, nothing. So i figured hey fuck it i got 4 months free membership to this gym!!

    Come to find sometime later this guy staulks young bodybuilders (as young as 13 years old) and gives them the same BS he gave me, except tries to take it further with them...ya'll know what I mean.

    Well, this guy IS STILL AT IT. In the past three months I've had several people solely at my university ask me about him, (either they know someone that was confronted by him or they themselves). I almost threw up when I heard his name I was so disgusted and told them to ignore him at all costs.

    Has anybody here ever been confronted by him? Also, and this would be geared toward someone who's more knowledgeable than there anyway at all to report him to the cops or some form of the law? Like I said earlier, this guy knows what he's doing and covers his tracks to make it look like nothing ever happened that could get pinned on him in the future. He's an extremely sly, deceiving individual and (what really pisses me off till this day) not only lied to me but my parents whom I love with everything I have.

    I don't want to see any other young guys have to go through the same bullshit with this guy. So just watch out for him

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    So your saying this guy is a pedo? pervert?

    He sounds like a wanker.
    Life is for leading, not people pleasing it is a race that's never been won


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      yea got this pm from him

      "Mike, I am Gary White of Idnisputable Muscle based in Texas. I am a bodybuilder and sponsor for over28 years. I have a team called Team Indisputable and I am looking to add 3 new bodybuilders to the lineup. I just got back from the USA's where my guy Jabar Miles placed 3rd. It was only his 2nd time to compete on the national level. I need a heavyweight and wanted to offer you the opportunity if you are intersted. I provide all supps, training and travel plus a food allowance to represent us in shows and get our name out. If interested contact me at [email protected] and call 806-281-4953. GAry White"