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  • need diet help for military

    Hi all, I am trying to get into the military, air force actually. I need help with a proper diet to cut bodyfat percentage. I started working out and trying to eat right at the end of july. I started at 267lbs and 28.8% bf, I am down to about 250lbs and 24.7% bf as of today. To get into the air force I have to have 20%bf or less. However, they dont do skin fold measurments, they do around the waist(belly button area) and around the neck and subtract the two, it has to be 20 or less difference. That is of course where most of my fat is located. The only other way in is to make weight, at my height 5ft9in, its 186. My lbm is around 191 so that really isn't going to happen without losing a crap load of lbm, and I don't want to go that route.

    I have gotten very interested in nutrition and body building, I am reading everything I can get my hands on, but that is the problem, too much information, too many conflicting diet schemes and training regiments. I need help on deciding the best fat loss diet and training regiment that will get me in and prepared for a military life. I would really like to sign up around the beginning of november. I think its feasible to lose 5% bf by then.

    A few other notes is, I am very sensitive to carbs, I gain fat and muscle easily. So I guess im an endomorph body type. I do 30 mins of HIT cardio a day on a cybex arc trainer along with weight training 5 days a week.

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    Well it seems like you're on the right track bro. I'm Navy, and I was also way too high body fat before I joined so I can give you advice on what I did. Chances are you'll find alot of different approaches to get where you need to be, but I know what worked for me.

    Currently, I actually just started Dave's diet, however for your goals it would be a poor choice imo, since you need to be doing alot of higher intensity cardio to prepare for p.t. tests once you get to boot.

    Since diet is your primary question, I would simply advise eating small meals all throughout the day. As long as you keep yourself as far away from saturated fats, sugars, and white flour carbs you can pretty much make whatever food choices you like. Focus on lean proteins (skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, lean beef) vegetables, and complex carbs such as oatmeal, whole grain products, brown rice. The fats that you do take in should be ones that primarily aren't saturated such as nuts and fatty fish. All I would really say is just pay close attention to nutrition facts on the products you buy, and as long as it's within those perameters it should be fine. Just eat in small portions, and spread it out throughout the day.

    Another piece of advice I would offer, is your physical preparations. Personally, I would drop your weight training you say you do 5 times a week and replace it with bodyweight exercises. I believe all you need for the Air Force are push ups and sit ups, but I would probably throw pull ups in to the mix too. When I was getting ready for boot I cycled through those three exercises to failure in a circuit and did that for generally 4 sets every other day. This put me ahead of the pack when I got to boot camp. Lastly, I'd drop the cybex machine and just straight up run. Since you're tested for run times once you get there, you need to start working to improve them, so you may as well get your cardio from the source you need the most. When I was preparing, I ran every day for a couple miles. Between running daily and dieting strictly the fat just melted off.

    Good luck dude!