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  • Beginner looking for help ... help!

    Hi everyone, awesome forum you got here, nice to meet everyone. I've been lifting since my high school days but just recently started to get serious about it like watching my diet, etc...
    Can anyone please give me some advice on how to take my many vitamins and supps I got:

    I eat at least 5 times a day, smaller meals and snacks. How would you pros take the following please?

    - Glutamine
    - Creatine
    - Multi-vitamin
    - Amino acid blend
    - Protein

    So far I take these like this:

    - upon waking up: glutamine followed by breakfast
    - creatine + low gi carbs 30 mins before workout
    - creatine + hi gi carbs right after end of workout
    - 2 hours after eating = meal
    - before sleep: glutamine + cottage cheese

    Please note that I eat proteins at every meal, how would you guys and gals take the remaining supps during the day? I was thinking of having the amino blend 30 mins before each meal to really stock the body full of aminos and have the multi-vitamin 3 times a day right after a meal, is this a good idea?

    Thanks a million,

    MD rocks!
    Old weight: 274 lbs (Dec 27th '07)
    Current weight: 198 lbs (August 25 '09)

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    Whats your weight as of now?


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      Originally posted by Ark04l View Post
      Whats your weight as of now?
      I'm currently 232 lbs 5" 11" feet tall. I started to watch my diet when I hit 274 lbs Dec '07 and had enough of my bad lifestyle.
      Old weight: 274 lbs (Dec 27th '07)
      Current weight: 198 lbs (August 25 '09)


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        It shouldnt really matter aslong as you get the supplements in. The body will utilize them. Creatine saturates your muscle after a while, so aslong as your getting it in, should work. The main thing with nutrition and supplementation is just getting it in consistantly.

        KILL THAT SHIT!!


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          I think you're getting into overkill with the amino acids, glutamine and your multi - once a day should be sufficient.

          take the amino acids with creatine immediately following your workout then have a protein shake 30 mins later followed by a meal an hour or two later


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            Sweet, thanks for the ideas guys!
            Old weight: 274 lbs (Dec 27th '07)
            Current weight: 198 lbs (August 25 '09)