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    my ab workout is as follows:

    Dumbbell side bends
    Ab cycle
    Ab curls
    and Trunk twists

    Is this enough/the right exercises to do in order to increase the mass of my waist and ab muscles?

    I find the curls, side bends ab cycle good as I can feel the burn with them pretty well but with the trunk twists I have to do a load of reps before I even feel anything.

    I work my abs at home so I dont have access to any machines for it.


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    Abs is a very hard thing to train. It requires such a large amount of shock every time in order to gain improvement. If you want to gain mass in the abdominal area (which is amazing how you don't only say you want to see them) I suggest cables which you don't have. An elastic cable would help if you have one, if not don't worry.

    The side bends, standing with a dumbell and going side to side I find started to give me flabbish looking waist/abs. I would be careful doing those.

    V-Ups is a very good exercise also for the burn, but most of all do a lot of cardio if you want to see your abs.
    I don't know many exercises at home, but an exercise ball would really help expand your horizons, they are fairly cheap also.

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