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Stop screwing up your CONTEST PREP!

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  • Originally posted by Matt Porter View Post
    Let me CLARIFY -- I do not like LOADING from the START of FRiday (day) --- I use Friday to ensure drying out is regulated --- then will load people LATE Friday night into Saturday morning as water is then controlled tightly.

    I rather not go into the last week super depleted and super low in carbs, so you never have to dig yourself out of a hole per se....but. the method of depleting and loading mid -week (say tuesday and wednesday) then drying out thursday and friday (DAY) work fine, then you re-load Saturday morning.

    Matt, can you please emphasize on this? Prejudging usually at 10AM sat for me, how is late Friday into saturday is enough to carb load after drying out?


    • I had a question about a two day competition. Friday evening prejudging, Saturday late morning early afternoon finals.

      How would you alter this compared to a one day show.

      Female, last contest built water each day from one week out. Began to increase carbs two days out, held water high till 10pm Friday, took 1/2 tab dyazide then, dried out all night. Steak and eggs with pancakes the next morning with another 1/2 tab and sipped water as needed for meals throughout Saturday and continued to dry and fill out.

      Took her class.

      Thinking similar but continue heavy water until right before bed Thursday night, 1/2 tab Friday morning, carb up at lunch with whole foods and continue to sip water. 1/2 tab Friday before bed. 1/2 tab Saturday with the same breakfast as last year and same water protocol.

      Just wondering how stretching the process over 24 hours compared to 12 will effect it


      • Originally posted by deanstm View Post

        Some more photos from the Top 6

        Guys listen to everything Matt says here, the protocols work !!!!

        Loaded carbs early (350g Mon and Tues) then focused on drying out.
        Water went to 9 litres Friday night and was cut at 10 pm for the 1 p.m prejudging.
        Used 3 half dyazide tabs (4p.m Friday, 10 p.m Friday and 4 a.m Saturday).
        Stopped adding sodium to meals from 9 am Friday and just allowed it to naturally occur in the protein sources.
        Nighttime weight was 82.5kg at 10 pm and dropped to 77.5kg at 8.30 a.m (5 kg / 11 lbs lost).

        First meal Saturday morning was 6.30 a.m of 50g sodium free carbs and 20g fats.
        Weighed in at 9,30 a.m and then had meal of 150g beef, 2 eggs, 50 g carbs from rice, added salt and ketchup.
        Then just snacked on salted rice cakes and popchips until stagetime.
        Only fluid I had was 330 ml coconut water sipped when I started pumpimp up 30 mins before stagetime.
        As I said, didnt get as strong a pump when getting ready and I know its definitely not sodium or glycogen related.

        Any feedback on how I looked Matt would be great and how I could possibly tweak my approach using your guidelines please???

        Thanks as always, and I hope people can learn from my approach as I have throughout this thread
        That really was a good plan that you set up. Only thing I 'might" have changed is --

        Since you ran 3 doses of diuretics --- I would have left sodium normal on friday or slightly reduce it, but not full cut. Sodium would have been a bit higher to ensure muscles were perhaps fuller.

        Or drank a bit more fluids between meals on Saturday since the sodium was lowered PLUS 3 doses of diuretics.

        All in all, looked great

        Professional Body Mechanic


        • Originally posted by guindilla View Post
          Hi Matt,

          What is the minimum dose of injectable primo you would suggest for decent results? If you ran injectable primo acetate, would you run it all the way into the show?

          Lastly, do you recommend drinking some coconut water on show day? Maybe 200-300ml before going onstage?

          Thanks for keeping this thread alive and providing such great information.
          Primo ace inject is rather painful typically but if tolerated --- I think 100 mg PER DAY is beyond awesome, and 400/week would be great.

          Coconut water is what I have MOST of my people drink all saturday show day

          Professional Body Mechanic


          • Originally posted by va_new_guy View Post

            Due to my deployment status, my menu selection is pretty simple. Right now, I'm keeping fats and carbs away from each other right now. Im not 100% sure of the weight of the food as I can not weigh everything but I try to eyball it the best that i can. Does this look feasible for a 235lber that is looking to lean out some? Currently 16-18%. Right now, i weight train 4 days per week with a John Meadows workout. Cardio is 15 mins post work out(except legs day) and 2 x 30 mins sessions in am on empty stomach.
            Meal 1: Pro/Fat (almost everyday Egg whites, peanut butter & green tea or coffee
            Meal 2: Pro/Carb (Protein and oats) pre workout meal
            Meal 3: Pro/Carb (Chicken Breast, rice and broccoli)
            Meal 4: Pro/Fat (Chicken breast, green salad and almonds or cashews)
            Meal 5: Pro/Fat Chicken breast or lean cut of beef and nuts.)
            Not sure if you have read my article about your body type?

            It would coincide well with a Meadows training regimen.


            Professional Body Mechanic


            • Originally posted by va_new_guy View Post
              Thanks Matt!!! My wife used a lot if not, all of the info that I learned from reading your post and in my opinion she made a damn good transformation for 8 weeks. We even ran the last week as if she was doing a show and ran your peak week protocol. I will say this, you must have a TON patience because she was stressing me out. I would just tell her to trust the process. All in all, it helped me solidfy my choice for my next coach. Once again THANKS!!!
              Wow that is so cool! She definitely changed !!!

              Glad that she was able to benefit from some of the info.

              Professional Body Mechanic


              • Originally posted by JordanWFitness View Post
                Matt, what do you think the cause of some people sleeping less during contest prep or calorie restricted times?

                I would assume less food more work means less energy and the body able to sleep longer? However by about week 7-8 of my prep I was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a day no need for naps during the day but I could still take them for an hour or so

                Off season I can sleep easily 10 hours every night
                I always believed it was due to being ravenously hungry PLUS perhaps blood sugar dropping since most of us eat right before bed pre contest to hold us over before we wake up to pee -- only to be starving upon waking!

                Other factors -- increased thermogensis/body heat from fat burning agents. Certain hormonal compounds increasing body heat. Also, as BF% gets lower and lower -- the more homeostasis is lost in the dust.....your bodies entire systems can get completely thrown off.

                Professional Body Mechanic


                • Originally posted by JordanWFitness View Post
                  Congrats on the last show of the year. Very long season for you, I've been following you as close as possible. Time for some rest!

                  Wondering your opinion on something,

                  Let's say someone has been off training and supplements for about two months due to surgery.

                  Originally had plans to compete, 6 months after this lay off.

                  Ectomorph focused on keeping size during the lay off. Down about 10lb from latest off season weight, 25lb above contest weight.

                  How would you tackle this timeline, ramp on diet as high as possible over 2-3 months then cut over the last 3?

                  Take a more moderate approach and stay leaner throughout and try to recompish over 4 months before cutting

                  Scrap the timeline and pick a new show date
                  For a true ectomorph -- if IMPROVING was the primary goal -- then its a no brainer to choose another show.

                  If coming in on target and shredded, with putting on all down sized muscle from injury was the goal, then you could simply ramp food and supps for 2-3 months (depending on body composition) then hone in conditioning remaining prep.

                  True ectomorphs IMO need adequate time to solidify muscle gains onto their fast burning bodies.

                  Professional Body Mechanic


                  • Originally posted by BlueC View Post
                    Hey Matt,

                    What kinda supplements would you advise to aid adrenal glands fatigue?
                    L Theanine
                    Panax genseng
                    Phosphatidyl Serine
                    Holy basil

                    Professional Body Mechanic


                    • Matt - Long time lurker! Thanks for all the info! Questions is about sodium for a Natural BB in prep. On average, how much sodium do you recomend per day for a natural BB during prep? Thanks!


                      • Matt, quick question. do you recommend carbing up wed and Thursday then lower carbs Friday to dry out? I'll cut water at 9-10 pm and rely on dry carbs until sat morning?
                        Show/prejudging is Saturday 10am

                        I watch your video on YouTube on how you carbed up nick and you did kind of the same, you carbed him up wed then Thursday with half the carbs. did you do that so he can make weight or regardless you would've still followed that protocol ?



                        • Hey Matt,

                          What's your basic protocol on taking dyazide leading up to show time? Thanks in advance!


                          • Originally posted by Matt Porter View Post
                            I believe its an angiotensen 2 antagonist.....not so dure it replicates triamterene.... then you are left with non potassium sparing HCTZ...

                            Id stick with dyazide. I would avoid potatoes, dates, raisins, yams etc.... your ratios could get so skewed ,,,, you could risk severe cramping and heart problems from hyperkalemia


                            No its a B blocker with a diuretic given to people with CHF(Congestive Heart Failure).


                            • Originally posted by Matt Porter View Post
                              inject winny has caused MORE INFECTIONS than any inject I can think of -- plus lumps and redness... crap if you ask me!

                              Oral is the way to go --- end of story.

                              Depending on brand and Quality, i GUARANTEE you Desma amps will never do that.


                              • Hey matt, I started dieting 8 weeks out and pretty much did 25 grams carbs or less the entire time. my coach wants me to do all that water tapering and carb loading crap but I don't think itll be good. I am using AAS. My question is about my final week. How/when should I reintroduce carbs and deplete sodium/water and when and how should I use dyazide.

                                Weigh ins are Friday 4pm-9pm and prejudging is 10am Saturday morning and night show is 7pm