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Taking diuretics

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  • Originally posted by Noel Fuller View Post
    First thing you should realize before taking diuretics is if you have more than 5 pounds to lose on them you have screwed up your prep and taking diuretics will help but they are not going to fix the problem. Losing any more than 5 pounds and the water will be pulled out of the muscle and not only will you not be shredded but you will look flat.

    Second thing is you want to drink water on them and leave the fucking salt in, don't over think the diuretic, it knows what to do, you pull salt and water and bingo , flat again and you have wasted your prep.

    Lasix, stupid, the only diuretics I ever use is aldactone and diazide and I guarantee my athletes look dryer that the coach that is pushing other crap.

    Aldactone you never use more that 4 days or you will go.....flat
    Diazide if used more that 2 days awill also make you flat

    Drink water, never stop

    you dont need to use very much

    as soon as you step off the stage you drink pedialyte,

    drink water
    if you have back to back shows you still drink pedialyte and be very careful on the next round
    drink water
    Do Ya mean you dont need much of the diuretic or much water consumption day of show? and what do you mean be very careful on the next round ..the next round of diuretics ? and again you say drink pedialyte but do u mean sip on it or consume the whole 32 oz they come in after the show and do u drink both water and pedialyte ...

    Sorry Noel dont mean to be a butt head but sometimes us meatheads need detailed specifics when it comes to such valuable info that you and matt provide.


    • What protocol would you recommend for someone who only had Aldactone and HCTZ?


      • excellent thread


        How do you recommend usage of maxide? thanks!


        • where the heck are YOU MISTER NOEL!! folks got questions answered


          • Never ever take diuretics, if you do a real diet and do the right amount of salt (sodium) potassium the last week, you will be fine.