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high protein moderate carb/low fat diet Vs timed carb/john meadows type diet

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  • high protein moderate carb/low fat diet Vs timed carb/john meadows type diet

    hey guys just looking to get some feedback on what type diet you feel works best. i have done a low fat mod carb type diet befoe but i always felt tired as hell all day. but i got lean on no cardio.

    i have also tried the john meadows approach and i feel alot better thru the day but i dont get as lean as quick or as easy and i go hypo using his intra workout protocol. i also tried removing the carbs intra but i cant train as hard and start shrinking fast.

    just wondering on if my body would adjust over time to the lower fat approach and the lathargic feeling will go away? i see noel do very well in this apporach and matt

    any advice would be much appreciated

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    You ever try and cycle your carbs?
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      I am no expert but firstly I would say if you found that you got lean quicker or with less cardio on the low fat, higher carb approach, then I would continue to build off of that since you know it works better for you then Meadow's style. Its largely individual in terms of which kind of diet works properly.

      My questions would be how long did you diet on the low fat moderate carb approach and did the lethargy last the entire time? When you started this diet did you have a drastic reduction in calories right off the bat? Would there be any other dietary factors or other habits such as sleep that changed when dieting that could potentially have caused the lethargy?