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7 weeks out.. dont know what to do.. help

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  • 7 weeks out.. dont know what to do.. help


    I want to compete in physique. I did the olympia amateur in Acapulco but i only had 5 weeks dieting and didnt do well.. right now i look like in the first 3 pics. I dont know if i should keep trying to improve lagging bodyparts or diet right away (7 weeks out til MMania Mexico).

    Dont want to peak too early. What do u think?
    Right now im about 198 pounds, 6 feet and a half,
    and I dont have a clue what my bodyfat is.. maybe 8%..?

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    can't improve body parts in that much time so keep dieting.
    Nice pics, you can do well in physique. Arms could use some size but find arms size but not sure ya need big guns to win in that division.


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      7 weeks out just focus on dieting and getting in shape. You won't be able to make improvements in such a short time. Save the improvements for the offseason
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        ^this. Diet hard come in ripped


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          Unless you're all natty right now and starting gear then you probably won't make any improvements. Go for for total ripped. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress and contest results.


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            7 weeks out dont know what to do

            My rule of thumb is if you dont have a solid 6 pack by 5-6 weeks out, your not ready. 3-4 weeks out, your side serratus should be quite visible. 2 weeks out should be maintenance and ofc final week is peak week.
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              Go with what you have. As advised get as shredded as you can, practise the camp poses till you get them perfect and make sure you'll have a good colour and are well groomed. Make up?

              I'm guessing you see your chest as a bit of a weakness and if your arms are a little small then getting them as vascular looking as you can will help hide that up a bit more. Hit up Ron Harris for some advices.


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                Continue to diet, and minor tweaks in your posing can bring out your physique.