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Anyone? thoughts on smoking weed during prep

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  • Anyone? thoughts on smoking weed during prep

    My coach told me to stop smoking weed but I wont. I do it because I want to among many other reasons. I was asked if I quit smoking I was honest and said no. He told me that my body wont reach the true potential because I will hold water... how true is this? what kind of problem will smoking create?

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    Hold water I dont believe so. THC is held in body fat tho. As long as you can control cravings and it doesnt stop you from staying on your diet or training I know people that never stop during a prep. I think he made something up to scare you into stopping.


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      That's what I always assumed. This is my 3rd show and I've only placed better. It keeps me sane. The cravings don't bother me. It actually helps me train better.

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