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contest day foods?

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  • contest day foods?

    what kind of snacks and meals are you guys eating on contest day?

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    granola, dried fruit
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      Usually a burger and fries between PJ and the night show.


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        It has varied, but as a rule, I typically stick with lower amounts of protein & moderate carbs from chicken and sweet potato. I've typically had some kind of sugar/fat/sodium 30-45 min before stepping onstage (candy bar, etc...). This past time I had french fries and it seemed to really help fill me out.

        Between PJ and finals, I've routinely had either an 8oz steak or a burger w/ no bun and fries with a little water and a diet pepsi.

        This has produced the most "consistant" results for me. I have tried a couple of other methods, but it was HIT and MISS...


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          If you are dry and hard and keeping your water intake
          to almost zero you can eat what ever you want clean,junk
          sodium,fat it doesn´t matter. I´ve done shitloading before and
          it worked great the only thing I did wrong was not to eat alot.
          I was in shape and I was dry and I just grubbed on donuts,cookies
          pizza candy you name it. Everyone was back stage trying to force down
          dry rice and chicken I just sat there eating junk the whole time I placed 4th in that show out of 22 competitors I I was the guy the weigh in on the lowest weight in the light heavys and due to my condition and dryness I managed to place 4th with only a point or so from being third.


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            Originally posted by JJ Johansson View Post
            Everyone was back stage trying to force down
            dry rice and chicken I just sat there eating junk the whole time.
            Thats got to be a funny site watching this ripped bodybuilder sitting there like a glutton eating donuts and chocolate. He he he. I would love to try that just for the strange looks, but the cautious part of me that says stick to the foods you've been eating for the whole prep. I dont want to change anything. Im gonna carb up on baked oatmeal, apple butter, maybe some honey.... and take in small amounts of protein.
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              It was funny belive me.
              I did the traditional way this year and that worked
              great too. good luck to you