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how many calories above maintenance during offseason?

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  • how many calories above maintenance during offseason?

    hey guys, and gals,
    ok im taking all yalls advice and am going to focus on gaining muscle before i do my first show. i think i can step on stage at 225lbs shredded. now my only concern is that i dont want to get overly fat during the offseason. obviosuly, the human body needs a surplus of calories above maintenance in order to acquire more muscle.
    but at what point does that surplus spill over into fat gain? for example,if someones maintenance is 2500 calories per day, how much beyond that actually goes to muscle, and at what calorie point does it go to fat??? i want to find that sweet spot where i am above maintenance, in order to grow, but also, am not putting on bodyfat. any help here guys???? thanx in advance


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    calories are important you definetely need to increase ur intake but most importantly u need to make sure that those calories are made mostly of clean food...just cause u have to increase calories dont mean that u have eat all kinda of shit loaded with fat...what i did was add 2 heavyweight gainer shake per day in my diet and ate 7-10 times per wasnt easy but i increased the calories based on what my body could handle...i took 1.5gcarbs/lb and 2g prot/ ur bodyfat will go up and there will be some water retention but nothing to worry about...cardio can take care of that...using any gear?


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      About 500-1000 calories above you BMR 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x age) is optimal.
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        I start at about 500 and increase from there as needed.
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