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8 weeks out an needing help

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  • Men's Bodybuilding 8 weeks out an needing help

    I am 8 weeks out I am leaning down but what can I eat to get leaner along with the exercise my show is June 14 in Indiana an this is a National Qualifer I am 43 years of age an looking to come into this show in the best shape of my life I am doing test an is looking to do GH so what steps should I take to get on track.
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    You look about 8 weeks out. What is your current diet?


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      Right now chicken but I am thinking of fish for carbs it is brown rice an I try to get a gallon of water a day along with my vitiams, I was wandering show I decrease my gluatime also I will start taking GH so that is it can you think of more


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        Protein sources are egg whites, chicken and fish are good. How many grams of carbs and protein are you taking in a day? What about veggies?


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          I do not count the protein but I get chicken an fish but what is a good fish an for carbs not that much as you see I am a amauter an for vegggie brocolli.