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6 and 8 weeks out pictures

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  • Men's Bodybuilding 6 and 8 weeks out pictures

    Hello guys I took a couple of pics the other day and wanted to get some opnions. I plan on doing two contests in 6 and 8 weeks. I will get some mandatory poses posted once I have someone to take the pics for me. I will also take some leg shots later.

    I have some loose skin at the bottom of my abs from being a fata$$ for so long and some fat on my back that I can hopefully knock out in the next couple of weeks. Thanks in advance for your comments

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    Forgot to put that I am weighing 230 in the picture and I am 5'10", plan on competing as a heavyweight


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      22 views......Any comments??????


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        YOu have built a good base in your upper body, need to see your legs. Congrats on loosing the weight. The best pic to post or mandatories. Good luck.


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          IMAG0164.jpgHey Jude, I just took some more today, forgot a couple poses but as you can see I need to bring up my legs!!!!! I am exactly 5 and 7 weeks out in the new pics. Let me have it.IMAG0168.jpgIMAG0167.jpgIMAG0163.jpgIMAG0166.jpg


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            Legs arn't too bad, you just need to bring out more definiation in them. Areas to bring up are upper chest, back width and calves. Your back tickness is nice. Try to focis on conditioning at this point in time, it will get your waist tighter and make everything look better.