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    I'm thinking of trying my luck in a novice show next year, but I don't know very much of cutting down.

    I'm 21- 190 lbs - 9% bodyfat - 5, 7"

    How many weeks does it normally take to drop 1% of bodyfat? Is there some type of standard protocol for the amount of calories dropped as one gets closer and closer toward a show?

    I know that these are probably very novice FAQ's to all of you guys. I have been lifting for a couple years now, and I finally think that it's time to dive into bodybuilding. (and what better place to learn information than among a group where there are a ton of bros. in the iron!?!?!)

    Thank you!

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    5'7 and 190# @9% bodyfat is damn good. Dropping bodyfat has so many variables that it is hard to say how much in one week. it is all about how you set your diet up. I don't like to lose more than a pound a week. I like to take my tiime so I don't lose much muscle. You just make slight adjustments in your macros to meet your weekly or monthly goals. You need to post up some pics.