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Haven't competed in 15 years. Help

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  • Men's Bodybuilding Haven't competed in 15 years. Help

    I only have a couple upper body shots. Will snap some leg shots when I get back to town. Here 4 pics. 6 weeks ago. And then again 4 weeks ago. What does it lookalike needs work. ( besides my albino tan ) I'm 5'4 when lucky and right now weigh around 190-195. Thinking about doing the flex Lewis classic in June. Normal 16 week prep or do I look way to far out? When should I quit bulking. What class do you recommend. Sorry. Just miss the stage. Even covered in tattoos I still just have to get back. image.jpg

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    5'4 190 is a big dude. You look fairly lean, so 16 weeks should be plenty of time to get shredded. I wouldn't try to add any fat with your so called bulking. You can keep your calories up kind of clean until u start cutting back. In the pics it looks like u added some size in 2 weeks or u are just closer to the camera. Work on your upper chest and back width. You must be thick at that size. Let me know how it goes. I would compete in the novice class and or Jr class.