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Chest skin lift for men?

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  • Chest skin lift for men?

    Any surgeons or Dr. Blau to answer this question if possible. or anyone who has heard of this. I have had a total of 3 minor procedures on my nipples. there wqas no gland, just loose puffy skin (genetics a bitch).

    they look OK, but still saggy in a way. I am only at 9 to 10 percent bF. when I pull my chest skin up with my hands, my nipples sit nicely higher and look alot tighter. right now, they are at the lowest part of my chest, so it doesnt look tight. basically, could a man get a "breast" lift, to lift the skin to have a higher/tighter nipple placement? It seems like it would be easy and simple enough.

    any ideas?
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    Bump for outcome


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      Sounds like you have bad gyno mate. how did you deal with it in the end?


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        I feel I have this same issue. When I got in contest shape mine were still placed too low, and I do not enjoy this "look" I would love to have this issue fixed as well.
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