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Dr. Blau's work: Before and After pics - 5 months Post-Op

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  • Dr. Blau's work: Before and After pics - 5 months Post-Op

    I had gyno surgery and waist reduction with Dr. Blau in early July. I am in my mid-40's and not a body builder.

    I humbly post these before-and-after pictures for everyone to see how dramatic Doctor Blau's work is. During the last 5 months, I began to take his work for granted until he showed me the before and after pictures together at the same time...simply dramatic. Seeing these pictures side by side helped me to better realize my appreciation for his work.

    During a recent 5-month post-op visit, I expressed concern with my right nip as it seems slightly puffy (left side is nice and flat). Doc Blau determined I had developed some scar tissue and then injected some kenelog into it. Even though this puffiness is slight, Dr. Blau said if I wasn't happy he'd be glad to do a small correction at no additional cost to me.

    Who wouldn't go to an experienced gyno surgeon that stands by his work? Confident in my choice of gyno surgeon.

    My best to everyone thinking about having this done.

    Front Before and After 5 months post.jpg

    Back Before and After 5 months post.jpg

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    I have been curious as to how much surgical procedures can cost? No need for exact costs, but a range would be nice.

    Dr. Blau did a very nice job, and congratulations on your weight loss.


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      Dr. Blau takes the worry out of plastic surgery because you always know it's going to come out exactly like he tells you. Usually, it comes out better because Dr. Blau always UNDER PROMISES and OVER DELIVERS!


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        He does GREAT Nose Jobs as well!!!


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          Amazing stuff! Thanks for posting your experience.

          I just had a phone consultation with Dr. Blau. What a privilege! What doctor would give you the opportunity to personally speak with them before physically coming in to visit them? That's awesome!


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            That's a great job there, If i ever need surgery I'm flying to the USA from England to see him, the extra cost would be well worth it.