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Patient of the Week 12-08-2008

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  • Patient of the Week 12-08-2008

    20 years old
    Post-Operative Gynecomastia 1 year

    This patient had a mild case of gynecomastia. Both supplements and medications were used to reduce the case with no success. A symmetrical case of gynecomastia is seen in the pre-operative photos of this patient. The surgery consisted of excision of glandular tissue under the nipple. In examining the front, side, and turn post-operative pictures the scar is not visible. When looking at the side and turn it is important to note the natural contour of the pectoralis is attained by reducing the protrusion from the areola (colored area around the nipple).

    In looking at the 1 year post-operative pictures it can be seen that the aesthetics of the nipples will not be holding this bodybuilder back from achieving success in competition.
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    Dr. Mordcai Blau 's surgeon for above patent.


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      Why are you deleting posts? The patient pictured above is not 20 yo. Once again, where are you studying medicine?


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        i dont think he deleted posts. someone else is doing it. dcopeland is full of it, and we have exposed him as the gimmick he is
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          The side shot is a great way to view just how well the natural contour was achieved. The changes seen in the post-operative photos are: a significant reduction of glad size behind the nipple, reduction in adipose tissue both around and behind the nipple. The scar is truly undetectable visually from the distance these photos were taken (appox. 3’).


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            What's the problem here? These are BEFORE and AFTER photos from a gynecomastia procedure. I think the AFTER pics are quite impressive!

            I checked with DR BLAU and I confirmed the patient's age at 20!


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              Those pictures can be seen in my web site COSMETIC-MD.COM I would like to post more of my patients in the future. Please judge them by the results and not if you like who ever posted then.
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