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Patient of the Week 12-22-2008

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  • Patient of the Week 12-22-2008

    Happy Holiday’s

    Dr. Mordicai Blau Patients Profiles
    Dr. Blau information

    Age: 28
    Location: Brooklyn, New York City, NY
    Post-Operative photos taken at: 1 year


    Patient had conditions since the age of 13. This condition developed during puberty as a result an overactive aromatase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen (a normal process when the ratio to t/e is high, and the conversion is low in men). Mild cases can clear by the time the adult endocrine homeostasis is reached. In this case the patients condition progressively worsened and did not improve with diet and exercise. Patient desire was to compete in bodybuilding competitions and wanted to eliminate aesthetic limitations present with condition.


    In viewing the postoperative photos, for a bodybuilder, we look for scar visibility, natural contour of musculature underlying areola / nipple area with pectoral. In looking at these pictures, we see that the scar is not visible, a significant reduction in nipple size has been achieved, and a natural contour viable for competition level reached. (Both side and ¾ turn display drastic changes between pre and post-op)

    Patent was happy with results, and is now able to compete

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    Awesome work!