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Patient of the week 1-12-2009

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  • Patient of the week 1-12-2009

    Surgeon: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mordcai Blau
    Dr. Blau

    Patient Profile
    Age: 43
    Hometown: Princeton New Jersey
    Post-Operative Photo: 1 year
    Bodybuilder, Competitive


    This patient had developed true gynecomastia several years ago. The patient was most affected by his condition during the dieting and contest preparation phase of completive bodybuilding. Gynecomastia is increasingly apparent as percent body fat decreases. The reason gynecomastia becomes more visibly obvious with weight loss is the result of fat cells reducing in size while glandular breast tissue remains the same size. Lipolosis (the body mobilizing triglecerols from adipocytes) occurs during weight loss while there is no mechanism used by the body to break down mammilary glandular tissue. In this patents case, a significantly dense glandular tissue structure (consisting of head and tail) was detracting from the aesthetics of the chest. The surgical procedure unique to this patent called for removing 95% of the glandular tissue. The surgeon determined the amount of tissue excised with the requirement of obtaining a bilateral symmetric natural contour. The scar is undetectable because of a periareolar incision made and the skilled technique of the surgeon.

    Patients Expectations:

    The patient was extremely pleased with the results obtained. The patent can now pose a
    quarter turn, side chest, side tricep with no aesthetic limitations. The patents girlfriend after seeing the outcome, obtained the confidence level and trust to ask Dr. Blau for breast augmentation.

    Attached Files