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When I lay down I can't breathe

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  • When I lay down I can't breathe

    I have this thing when I lay flat on my back, that my nose on both sides, plugs up and I can't breathe unless I shoot nasal spray up my nose.

    Is there anyone out there who has the same thing or who has went through this same problem with their doctor, and if so what did they tell you it was called?

    And did the procedure help?

    I was told it's something to di with excessive tissue in the nose and the nasal passages close up when I'm in a laying position because of it and they called it some type of excessive tissue removal or nasal sac removal.

    I just had a sleep study done cuz the wife says that I stop breathing when I'm sleeping and the sleep study showed that I have an apnea episode every 30 seconds!!

    Can anyone prepare me for when I see my doctor to explain what a procedure is call that I can tell her that may help guide her in the right direction to get this resolved.

    I can't breathe well enough to use the Cpap machine until I can get my nasal passages fixed.

    Can anyone shead some light on this?

    -Jay Cutler

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    my sister had the same problem i am not sure of the procedures name but it done thru laser and little recovery time and it did help her she can breathe alot easier,go to your reg doc and he should send you to a surgeon,do it so you can get over that of luck
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