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  • Scars/Burns

    I was in a pretty bad motorcycle wreck this summer and I have some scars from the road rash. For the most part, my skin healed miraculously- but there are some very obvious remembrants on my knee and shoulder.
    What can be done to remove these if anything? Would surgery only make things worse?


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    Do you have better quality pics? The resolution or whatever is poor on those. Regardless, I'd contact a dermatologist first and then consult with a plastic surgeon second.

    Best wishes.

    I'm sure you're already grateful for your good fortune, so I guess it's unnecessary to state how much worse it could have been. I've seen some horrific accidents and their results.


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      Here are better pictures.
      I just wonder how they fix this if they can? Skin graphs? I think there is a lot of scar tissue built up because they are 3 dimensional


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        you can see the white area, thats how big it used to be.


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          Don't do anything... scars are character... I like people with character... Shows you're not a complete pussy and actually do something besides sit around being blah.

          Keep the scars... let nature decide how they stay.


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            Yeah, my mom made it sound like I should get them fixed. Obviously she doesnt make decisions for me, but I am going to be getting a settlement so if I use the money to fix them, now would be the time, ya know?


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              Thor has a point, but if they're bothering you then I'd say investigate what can be done about them.

              I had a nose job way back around age 19 or 20. Very pleased with the result.

              And a quick Google offers this:


              Very interesting reading.


              Surgeons have now devised techniques of correcting scars by changing the direction of the wound - and the eventual scar - by making a series of small saw-toothed flaps and darts which, when fitted together, produce a zig-zag effect. None of the lines of the zig-zag runs in the same direction as the old scar. (Diagrams 2a, b, c and d). Practical experience with this type of scar excision has shown that if it is done carefully, it will produce a remarkable improvement in the appearance of the scar and make it virtually invisible."

              And it looks from the pics (and the info on the website) that what you have are either hypertrophic or keloid scars.


              "Surgical correction

              It is best to leave wounds to settle for as long as possible before trying to correct them surgically. The multiple W-plasty procedure is extremely effective for treating some resistant scarring. This can be carried out in hospital on a day-stay basis using local anaesthetic and sedation. Sometimes the operation may take two to three hours to complete successfully. For example, a scar extending from the corner of the mouth to the ear may take three-and-a-half hours to correct. This can be done quite successfully under local anaesthetic.

              A scar revision operation must be done meticulously to produce ideal results. For this reason, surgery may be expensive because of the time taken for the operation."

              Again, see a dermatologist and then, if necessary, consult with a plastic surgeon. Or follow Thor's advice. His comment would be spot-on for some people. I have a keloid-ish burn on my left arm and several scars that I've never given much thought to. If I got a settlement, I'd probably blow it on a trip or bills rather than cosmetic surgery. Still, the thousand bucks I spent on my rhinoplasty all those years ago? I'd pay five times that. All depends on your comfort zone.

              Wishing you the best.
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                Hey Figurebre, it really doesn't look too bad. Could be worse I have a few scars and a pretty big one from 3rd degree burns, I've got a scar on my right leg going from the knee to the ankle. I can't wear shorts outdoors unless I douse the leg in suncream.

                CJ's advice seems pretty sound though if you want it removed.


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                  I mean...they are a good conversation starter