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Thoughts on tummy tuck/breast reduction

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  • Thoughts on tummy tuck/breast reduction

    I'm getting ready to finally get skin removed from my stomach and have my tits taken down too. I was really fat in my teens and once it was all lost the skin remained and it's time for it to go.

    My biggest mental set back is my down time from the gym. I haven't taken more than a week off since I began to get serious with lifting about four years ago. Really, I'm looking for any advice or just general thoughts on it.

    My understanding is I'm looking at a solid month of down time from the gym? That seems really daunting to me, but how big of an impact do you all think it will really have? I understand that some off time may actually be good in the long haul to reset me a bit, but what kind of muscle loss are we really talking? Obviously it depends on my body and such, but just generally speaking.

    Also for anyone who has had either of these surgeries, were you still able to train other areas like legs and arms a bit earlier after the surgery? I surely don't want to be stupid and jump back into the weight room before my body is ready, but in the same breath I want to be there the moment I am ready.

    Any advice/thoughts on the situation would be great, thanks all.

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    I have not had any surgeries. But a month off will not kill you. Once you recover you will more than likely be more motivated than before with the results of your surgery. Best of luck.


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      keep your diet up and it won't be too bad, plus once you get back in you should get it back quick


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        Thanks guys I hope you're right. Shifting the question a bit then, what do you think would be best to do diet wise to maintain as much as possible? I've regularly used Dave's diet with good results and thought perhaps I should stick to that, especially since I won't be able to be doing any cardio as it should help keep me from gaining fat while I rot on my couch. But any other opinions would be awesome.

        Also the only supplement aside from the usual protein powder/multi vitamin that I use is creatine. Would it be best to get off it for the month so I'm really primed to start taking it again when I get back, or would it be better to continue taking it in the hopes it maintains some mass?

        Once again any opinions are much appreciated.


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          Since the only thing you really can do is eat clean just do it. A month off from the gym wont effect you that much. You will snap back into the rhythm in no time. Plus you have alot of time to research new training routines and recipes and all the good shit here. Just eat clean and you be fine. Good luck


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            You will be down for at least 6 weeks or more. Really it depends how you heal and if you don't get infection. If you go back to gym early, you are risking getting an infection. Yes you will lose size but you will easily gain it back.

            I had a beltlipectomy which is a tummy tuck but all around the waist. I was out for at least 8 weeks. I didn't go to the gym until I was given clearance but I did get an infection and it is no fun. It is called a seroma which is a pocket of fluid in between the skin and muscle. I had to go in every few days to get it drained with a needle syringe until it stopped draining.

            You know it was hard mentalluy to not go to the gym but I have flat abs and no skin now! So worth it! Plus I gained all my muscle back too. You will gain your size back and some. Your body will probably thank you for resting up. Keep your diet clean, stay positive and be patient.

            Best of luck!