Iím a 35 year old male bodybuilder. Iíve been training for around 15 years. I donít compete and donít really have any intention of doing so. I would however like to wear shorts without being self conscious regarding my puny calf size.

My upper thighs measure 29-30Ē but my calves are lucky if they occasionally stretch the tape to the 18Ē mark. Iíd like them to be roughly proportionate to my arms which are 21Ē but after years of effort Iím now ready to take the plunge and go for implants.

Can anybody recommend a decent surgeon to perform the procedure? I had once hoped to go to Dr. Bruce Nadler, but unfortunately I guess it was not to be. (RIP Dr. N)

Has anybody ever heard of calf augmentation being done submuscularly (subaponeurotically)? Iíve read about the procedure but Iíve never heard from anybody who has had it done, nor any surgeons willing to do it.

Thanks in advance.