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    This 31-year-old patient, H-5'4" W-150 Bra size 36B, and a mother of three come to my office complaining about the appearance of her breasts :
    1.Tubular and Extremely Saggy.
    2.Sever Asymmetry
    3.Areolars are displaced medially .
    Tubular breasts are very problematic and difficult to repair for every PlastIc Surgeon.
    Breast Augmentation Surgery was performed by me ,Using my own technique to overcome this difficult problem. An Inamed 350cc saline Implant was inserted through a Priareolar incision.
    An aesthetic pleasing shape and Symmetry were acchived.
    The above problems were corrected.
    The pictures were taken 3 months post op.

    Click on the photo to enlarge:
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    Award winning sculptor and painter.
    Dr. Blau is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon &
    A Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.


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    Originally posted by DrBlau View Post
    53-years-old Patient H-5'2" W-118 Bra size 36c came to my office complaining about the appearance of her breasts 20 years post Breast Implant Surgery (done by another Surgeon):
    1. Partial Deflation of the implants- Volume loss.
    2 Asymmetry
    3 Skin laxity
    Due to her age she suffered from decreased skin elasticity. This made the Breast reconstruction more problematic . Revision of the Breast Augmentation Surgery done by us , using our own technique to overcome her problem . A 350cc, medium profile, Mentor, saline Implant was inserted through Infra mammary incisions.
    Better shape and Symmetry were achieved.
    Her problem was corrected and she was pleased.
    The pictures were taken four months post op.

    Click on the photo to enlarge:
    Hi doc! happy new years to you....are these under or over muscle? I have implants under the muscle and it worked out fine...I am wanting to get them bigger this year and planned to go under muscle again(since I have low bodyfat most of time)with silicone gel implants.....I have read on here alot of woman prefer over the muscle...woulndt it look more natural under for a fbbr? do the implants sag more if over? do they move if under? thanks so much!


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      Dynamite areola's.
      Somebody put somethin' in my drink.


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        Works for me