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What's the cause of this gynecomastia?

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    I saw a lot of people with natural gyno from their teens.. so very very bad gyno....but the guy doesnt look completely natural he probably used AAS in the past or at least some strong pro hormones


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      Originally posted by Trainer4Life View Post
      Please don't use the lords name is vein here, thanks


      Jesus Christ salutes you!


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        Originally posted by mts View Post
        I saw a lot of people with natural gyno from their teens.. so very very bad gyno....but the guy doesnt look completely natural he probably used AAS in the past or at least some strong pro hormones
        Some are more prone to that I find. Especially throughout their teen years. I've only seen one person that I know of suffer from it without taking any AAS.

        I see no gyno in the first pic of the guy mentioned in this thread. Just really good conditioning.


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          I have about the same amount of "gyno" as this guy. I don't think that is actually that bad. I got mine from gaining a little too much weight, and being on finasteride for over a year (for hairloss). The suppression of DHT caused some gyno to spring up. I took Novedex XT and it went down (as did my estrogen levels). I still have a bit.

          But I disagree here with the idea that cold nips can cause that look. To me, it's actually the opposite. When my nips are hard, you can't notice it, but when I am warm and not flexed, you can see the excess "fatty tissue" around the nip. (I am not lean any more and should lose weight, which would help).

          When I was 155 pounds, I had even a little, from puberty. At 185, I have it a little worse, but don't look bad in a tight shirt. For some of us, we are just more prone to it.

          I wonder if this guy ever used finasteride (either proscar or propecia), at some point and then just started shaving his head.


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            Taking the Lord's name in vein? Is that intravenous blasphemy? Obviously taking the Lord's name in the vein should only be done in the Chemical forum.

            In Nattie talk, it is in VAIN.

            -If humans were meant to be vegetarians, why is meat so tasty?


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              that depends on what org. you choose to compete in. The muscle mania org has a year-drug free rule, but the OCB has a 5 year or maybe 7 year drug free rule.


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                Jorje, your dinosaur pic cracks me up. It's like that dino is smiling hahaha!


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                  Man, if I gotta diet for 20 weeks to look like Brian, I'm doing it!

                  Layne, you gonna help me?


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                    I was just recently made aware of this thread by someone in my gym...I don't ever frequent this forum. I am Kurt Weidner, the individual in the pics you've been referring to. Let me just make everything clear. First of all, I am lifetime natural. I have never used any banned substance and that includes pro-hormones. Even when they were legal. I never touched them. I have never had any interest in messing with drugs. I hate drugs. I have never even tried marijuana. I have been competing as a natural bodybuilder for 11 years now (the last several yrs have been in the WNBF) and I have been both urine-tested and polygraph tested numerous times, even multiple times per year.
                    Gyno is not just caused by exogenous hormones, steroids and pro-hormones. I had gyno as a teenager following puberty. As I added size to my pecs it subsided and became less noticeable, but at extremely low bodyfat it is somewhat apparent. There's really nothing I can do about that. I just wanted to make it clear that it is not the result of taking steroids or any other performance enhancing drug/illegal supplement. Obviously some may choose not to believe me...that's your problem! I know i'm natural.
                    As far as strength is concerned, having been involved with this sport and training for quite a while, I find strength has little to do with drugs vs no drugs. Some people just have the natural structure to allow them to perform very well with certain exercises. I have always had a strong deadlift. I am built for it. This past off-season I pulled 585 lbs for 8 reps and 675 for 2 reps. But I could never keep up with someone like Layne on chest presses, because I am not built to push a lot of weight with my chest. I use an entirely different methodology to attain chest development. Just because someone is strong doesn't mean they're on drugs and just because someone is on drugs, doesn't mean they're strong. I've seen plenty of guys who are using stuff who can't lift crap and i've seen plenty of natural guys who are strong as hell.


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                      [quote=Van Bilderass;27805] He has gyno which is indicative of hormone use.quote]

                      Maybe not - read on and LEARN something;

                      Each year, thousands of men develop gynecomastia. The technical definition is: "a benign growth or enlargement of the male breast tissue." Although gyno is more prevalent than ever, there are historical writings and artifacts showing that it's been a problem since the time of ancient Greek civilization. The term "gyne" comes from the Greek word meaning "woman" and "mastos" meaning "breast." Statues of the Pharaoh Seti depict a man with enlarged breasts. Aristotle, too, had reported encountering the problem and there's even documentation in the writings of Paulus of Aegineta (635 690 AD) which describes a primitive surgical procedure for the removal of gynecomastia. That must've hurt.

                      Although it appears to be the scourge of youths, seniors and steroid users, anyone can get gyno. And your chances now are better than ever. Environmental toxins, pollution, heavy metals, radiation and even ions from computers have shown to decrease Testosterone and increase estrogen levels. Lack of natural sunlight can contribute to lowered hormone production. Alcohol consumption and drug such as: Cannabinoids (methane and marijuana), Psychotropics (phenothiazine, butyrophenone and reserpine), Antihypertensives (reserpine, alphamethyldopa and spironolactone), Cardiac (digitalis), Gastrointestinal (cimetidine, metoclopramide and domperidone), Antituburculous (isoniazid), Cytoxic (cyclophosphamide, mustine, vincristine and mitotane) etc. Certain foods, notably soy products, contain estrogen-like compounds, which can knock hormonal levels into an unfavorable ratio. Abnormal liver functioning can also be causes of gynecomastia in older men. There are so many causes and factors that lead to the disease gynecomastia that it is very difficult for researchers to try to agree upon one main factor. So many of the cases differ from one another, and, perhaps, no one cause will ever be agreed upon as the leading factor of the disease!!!
                      FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE


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                        by the way

                        By the way, you have any pictures? I'm curious to see the physique of someone who is so critical of mine. Do you compete?

                        Originally posted by Van Bilderass View Post
                        Yes, because he has gyno. Not "supposedly has gyno", he has gyno formation and the likelihood of it being pubertal or due to something other than hormone manipulation is slim IMO. I've been involved in bodybuilding for a long time and that's exactly what steroid induced gyno looks like. It's possible that he experimented with OTC hormones before they were banned by whatever org he competes in. That way he could still call himself lifetime natural, just like bodyfx2 here does (I think he admitted to taking some of those a few years ago).

                        It's possible to build that level of muscle without drugs, the strength level is possible also, though rare as hell for a natural to deadlift that much. Hell, like I said, most IFBB pros can't dead that much.


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                          You can have gyno without ever touching AAS its quite common


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                            not saying he has gyno though


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                              I agree, I have it too from puberty and Ive never done roids


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                                Originally posted by Van Bilderass View Post
                                Serious question: why does this natural have such severe gyno? The guy is extremely lean so it's not that his pecs are holding fat. You can clearly see the defined edges of the fibrous tissue around his nipples.

                                This is someone who str8flexed vouches for it seems, so Layne, how do you explain it?
                                Because he is using steroids.