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Bad Gyno Need help.

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    Originally posted by FUTURE View Post
    Did get this about gyno....
    good stuff FUTURE!
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      Hey FUTURE and heavy, do you guys think the letro protocol will work for people with naturally occurring gyno? I've had the stuff for years. I used to think it was just baby fat, but as I've been getting in increasingly better shape over the last year and a half, I've concluded that I've got an odd case of gyno. Especially since it's more prevalent in my left breast tissue and it's not much more solid than normal breast fat. Any opinions on this?


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        Im in my first week of letro to get rid of dime size gyno I have...I know its early and not much has changed but the protocol Im doing is for 5 weeks from an earlier post...if you can wait a few weeks ill let you know the results


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          It'll probably be that long before I can get anything anyways. I appreciate the updates copper.


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            yea no prob...heres the post I looked at for what im doing...

            Week 1: 1mg letro
            Week 2: 1.5mg letro
            Week 3: 1.5mg letro if it is shrinking, if not bump it to 2.0mg
            Week 4: same as week 3
            Week 5: every 3 days decease .5mg
            Week 6: same as week 5 until gone., When @ .5mg letro: 10mg nolva
            0mg of letro: 20mg nolva for a week

            For prolactin
            take 5mg of selegiline or .5mg of dostinex through all 7 weeks. I always recommend selegiline at 2.5mg - 5mg depends on your age and tolerance levels. But even 5mg or selegiline should not create any problems.

            if this doesnt work surgery might be an option

            to test to see if it's prolactin induced squeeze your whole nipple hard, if any liquid comes out (white, yellow or clear) it's prolactin induced and dostinex or selegiline will help

            this was posted by "mts"