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Where's the sticky for Gyno signs & progression details

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  • Where's the sticky for Gyno signs & progression details

    I see there are 2 sticky's for what happens after you get "gyno" but where are the sticky's that inform and educate people on what the signs are and the detailed progression of gyno?

    I mean, does gyno make you stand up and pay attention to it or is it something you have to have a good eye to see the first signs of it?

    Does the signs of gyno get wore or more prominent as it is ignored or does the soreness and such dissipate while it progresses?

    How about the no bro-logic on how to reverse the effects of gyno in detail?

    wouldn't all of this info make MD stand out from other forums?

    I for one would love to see this info in a sticky as well as anything more that I am forgetting to ask in the step by step prevention of gyno.

    Also another sticky could be bro-logic on personal experiences of how someone got gyno and how they dealt with it.

    Did they ignore it? did they not realize what it was? Did they treat it successfully with AI & SERM's or was surgery the only option when they finally addressed it?

    Am I off my rocker or would that make a good sticky for this particular area of the forum?

    -Jay Cutler

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    I mean, I herd that it was suppose to feel sore & there would be a pea sized lump but is there a way to get all the bros who have had really bad gyno, to post their "WAR STORIES?"

    I'd like to hear from the guys who actually needed the surgery, how they went about their cycle and ignored whatever signs they did or didn't have.

    Like, did the signs hit you like a train or did they come on slowly? How much gear were you running?

    Did you know that you should be using an AI or SERM?

    Were you being guided by your own impressions on how serious to take the side effects of steroids or were you told by a local gym rat what to do and you thought you were in good hands?

    I just think it would be educational to read some of the war stories of how they had to learn the hard way and maybe someone new to the game will see the signs of bad advice based on one of these scenarios and not be such a stubborn block head like I would be.

    -Jay Cutler