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  • i've learned my lesson

    ok...i've learned my lesson...and..there's only so much one can do for research on their own..with that said..i've developed mild gyno symptoms from PH...which i have recently learned was a bit of a harch one to've got all these suggestions about serm, nolva, etc...then comments about prolactin gyno..whatever the hell that way i understand it..sensitivity is cuased becuase the gland has been stimulated to grow..does it stop on it's own without a PCT? becuase EVERYBODY is telling me OTC PCT are i wait it out...get a prescribed PCT or pick somethign off one of these sites..nolva i'm seeing comes in 10 mg 30 tab pack enought? a brotha out..and i've been getting flamed enough..but hey...i'm doing the best i can, and i have learned my lesson about PH..
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    im just glad its lesson learnt mate, i couldnt believe youd done decabolen and others without a proper pct, you should always use a SERM as a base like nolva most go 40/40/20/20 some taper 40/30/20/10, theres a good letro protocol and others in this section i think, may be worth taking a look to see if you can get rid of it,i dont know what the rules are in your country with docs and that but it might be worth seeing if you can blag it as medical problems, either way you need a SERM asap, alongside this you need other stuff like liver supports and natty test boosters
    i stole the below off one of the threads but its a good example of how things should run there are great products out there like reversitol that will help you out big time and have a lot of the ingredients in already keep researching
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    InhibitE 25/25/50/50/25
    blue Up 2/2/2/2
    ZMA 3/3/3/3
    LiverCare 4/4/4/4
    Exactly how bad is it??