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    ok...i always see the same posts concerning!!! what shoud i do??!!!....i've even had a thread that looked something like usually seems like the ppl most hurting are ppl that take oral PH...this is my suggestion.....if you can get gear legally, do so..have a doctor script your gear and monitor your blood work regularly...if your unable to get it better know what your John said in the movie, "bigger, stronger, faster"(something to the affect of), these are powerful hormones and you better know what your doing. and if you have no real guidence...stay the hell away from them. read a friggin book or something, i've been studying types of PH and gear, etc for a looooong time and am just now getting a grasp on things and starting my 1st "real gear" cycle, legally at 31, you can do SOOO MUCH naturally when your younger....and as far as PHs used to think those where a great substitue for gear..not any more..afte seeing what they did to my system..gyno symptoms...cholesterol rollercoster,'s not worth it.. so...gains are great man, however, please be your research, and when you think you've done some more..your body is the only one you got..take care of it and don't put your health at risk for cheap, quick gains from a 180 tab bottle of crap that sounds like gear that you have no real idea what it will do to you in the long run..hope i've prevented at least 1 from the pain that many are expressing in this forum.

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    The part about this that really upsets me is the tendency of supplement manufacturers to appeal to our egos with remarks along the lines of "we're ahead of the science". When it comes to the human body, science has been the best tool to help us BY A MILE!!!! I don't WANT to be ahead of the science.

    And don't even get me going on the political crapola that is happening to prevent us from adding to the scientific database with respect to AASs etc. Grrrrrrrrrrr.